Non-tender deadline

We know by now that Matt Wise and Kevin Mench were non-tendered, which makes them free-agents.

Lots of interesting non-tenders from other teams:

  • Adam Everett: odd man out of the Tejada deal, best defensive shortstop in baseball, one of the worst offensive regulars, too.

  • Morgan Ensberg: good OBP, he plays third, gotta figure Melvin will make a call on this one.  I think I'd rather have Ensberg as a rental than trade for Hank Blalock, lose a prospect and/or SP, and pay a bigger salary.

  • Mark Prior: don't worry, some Cubs fans still think he'll be a big contributor this year.

  • Dallas McPherson: once big-time Angels prospect, now post-injury reclamation project.  Two years ago, he would've been a great gamble for the Crew.

  • Nook Logan: he's like Tony Gwynn Jr., only with more service time!

  • Kiko Calero: he's basically Matt Wise, minus the pop psychologizing. I don't think Melvin will go after him, but we could do much worse with the last spot in the bullpen.

  • Aaron Miles: I wouldn't be surprised if the Cards went after Adam Everett and made Cesar Izturis, who they signed earlier this offseason, their middle-infield backup.

  • Akinori Otsuka: I'm glad that we didn't deal for him right before he got injured, but it sounds like he could be ready to contribute quite soon. He's an even better bet than Calero. We won't get him, but we'll probably pay about the same amount of money to someone (Torres or Mota) who will not pitch as well in 2008.

  • Miguel Olivo: no reason for the Marlins to keep him, but it seems odd to me that guys like Kendall and LoDuca are getting $4-5MM while Olivo will be a backup somewhere. Unless there's some huge advantage in veteran game-calling skills, there's no reason for it. Also, does this mean Matt Treanor and Mike Rabelo split time? Or that the Marlins will simply make a lateral move and bring in someone like Estrada? Wacky.

    Josh Towers: he'll land in a rotation somewhere. For better or worse, there's no room in ours. If anything, him being available will make Claudio Vargas a little less valuable.

  • Johnny Estrada: say, why are paying $3.2MM for Guillermo Mota?
More to come, I'm sure.  On the home front, Melvin made deals with Mike Rivera, Greg Aquino, and Seth McClung.
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