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My screen name is no joke, I love me some Molitor.  He chatted on ESPN today and there are a few mentions about Brewers' teams of past and present.  The chat is Insider so I am posting it here:

Welcome to The Show! On Tuesday, Hall of Famer Paul Molitor will stop by to chat.

Molitor, a 2004 Hall of Fame inductee, finished his career with 3,319 hits, which is ninth on the all-time list, and a .306 batting average. He also ranks 36th all-time with 504 stolen bases. In his 21-year career, Molitor also drove in 1,307 runs.

Molitor is working with Taco Bell to present The World Series Experience of a Lifetime. Fans could win a trip for two to every game of the World Series, a chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch or $50,000 in cash.

Send your questions now and join Molitor in The Show at 1:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday.


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Buzzmaster: (1:32 PM ET ) We've got Paul!

Ryan (Arlington, VA): How did it feel to get together with most of the members of the 1982 team last week?

Paul Molitor: (1:33 PM ET ) It was a great reunion. It brought back a lot of memories. The stories are a little more fabricated. My most enjoyable season in the big leagues.

Phillip (Tucson): Paul, if I win the Taco Bell contest, can you be the one I take to every game of the World Series?

Paul Molitor: (1:33 PM ET ) Let's do it. Hope they go seven.

Kyle (Kansas): Out of all the stats you accumulated in your career, which are you most proud of?

Paul Molitor: (1:34 PM ET ) Playing 21 years. Overcoming injuries. Playing until you're 42. That was the challenging part.

Randall: Which player in today's game reminds you of yourself, as a player?

Paul Molitor: (1:34 PM ET ) Michael Young from Texas. Knows all facets of the game. Team player. Hits for average and a little power. Great clutch player (not trying to be boastful).

Greg (Utah): After 21 seasons, is there any moment that stands out above the rest?

Paul Molitor: (1:35 PM ET ) Joe Carter's home run in 1993. No question, my most memorable moment as a major league player.

James (Toronto): Paul, talk about how fun it was to play with the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays and win the World Series in such dramatic fashion.

Paul Molitor: (1:36 PM ET ) To finally be a world champion after 16 years understatedly was an awesome feeling. Being a Blue Jay was a big transition, but it couldn't have worked out better. The way it ended, you couldn't have scripted it any better.

Ryan (Arlington, VA): Which role do you think suits you best- front office for an MLB team, on field coach or manager, or broadcaster?

Paul Molitor: (1:37 PM ET ) Right now, on the field. I enjoy teaching. Helping young players try to reach the major leagues. Perhaps down the road, I'll make my way to the front office.

Nathan (Canada): Hi Paul, when I was 7 years old, you were my fave player ever. I had your T-shirt and everything else of you the year you won World Series MVP. Where do you rank your Series win with the Jays against the rest of your career?

Paul Molitor: (1:38 PM ET ) It was the most memorable time, because it was my only championship. I'll always be appreciative to the Blue Jays fans and the way they received me into their organization and city.

Craig (Shelton, CT): Can you describe what is was like to be inducted into the baseball HOF?

Paul Molitor: (1:38 PM ET ) Very humbling. Somewhat overwhelming. I've been back three years and am beginning to feel a little more comfortable in that environment.

Luke (Charlotte): How active are you with the Twins organization these days?

Paul Molitor: (1:39 PM ET ) Very active. I'm a minor league base running and infield coordinator. I help out the big league team from time to time. It's a great fit for me right now.

James (Toronto): Were you surprised by the rabid interest in baseball in Canada, particularly during that 1993 WS season?

Paul Molitor: (1:40 PM ET ) Not really surprised, the fans of the Jays kind of evolved as the franchise did. But four million people was more than anyone could have imagined.

drew (california): Paul, what can baseball do to help bring back fans who are disgusted with the steroid scandals?

Paul Molitor: (1:41 PM ET ) We can only try to win fans back by earning their trust by putting a clean product on the field. It will take time, but the right policies are in place.

Deege (Champaign): Paul, what do you think of the role sabermetrics have played in baseball? Seems that the philosophy of the game is split between statheads and scouts. Thanks!

Paul Molitor: (1:42 PM ET ) Baseball is about numbers, but sometimes you have to trust your instincts on the intangibles. Example, David Eckstein.

Christian (Chicago): Do you still follow the Brewers? What do you make of their chances of winning the division this year?

Paul Molitor: (1:43 PM ET ) I do follow the Brewers. Great young nucleus. Will their lack of experience be the difference in winning or coming up short is my question.

Greg (Miami, FL): Who is the toughest pitcher you ever faced?

Paul Molitor: (1:43 PM ET ) There were several, but I would put Nolan Ryan at the top.

Jarrod, Columbus: You waited so long to get that World Series ring - what did it feel like when Joe Carter hit that Homerun?

Paul Molitor: (1:44 PM ET ) The old adage is the longer you wait for something the more you appreciate it. With Joe's home run, it made all the years the work, the toiling, worthwhile.

Jeffy D. (Feeding Hills, MA): If you were a average fan, which young players would you pay to see when they come to town?

Paul Molitor: (1:45 PM ET ) Not necessarily young - Ordonez, Ichiro, Howard, Fielder. Some great young players that bode well for a transition to superstars in the game.

Travis(Wisconsin): Who was the best player on that 82 team?

Paul Molitor: (1:46 PM ET ) Robin Yount was the best player. He could beat you in more ways than anyone else on that team.

Marcia M. (Lansing, Michigan): What are you doing for your 51st birthday tomorrow?

Paul Molitor: (1:46 PM ET ) 7:30 tee time. Afternoon with the kids. Dinner with my wife.

James (Toronto): Was that 15-14 spectacle in Game 5 of the '93 WS the craziest game you've ever been a part of?

Paul Molitor: (1:47 PM ET ) Off the top of my head, I'd have to say yes. Overcame 5-run deficits twice to win. Pretty rare.

Ron (Chicago): What will it be like for you to get drubbed by two ex-pitchers on the golf course tomorrow?

Paul Molitor: (1:48 PM ET ) You been drinking?

Deege (Champaign): Paul, could you give us some differences of today's game as opposed to that of the 1980's? Thanks!

Paul Molitor: (1:49 PM ET ) Pitching roles are more specialized. Pitch counts are a huge factor. Offensively, the game revolves around the home run a little bit more. Players make more money and good for them.

Chris (Texas): Tell us more about this World series of a Lifetime thing. How do I sign up?

Paul Molitor: (1:50 PM ET ) Go to your favorite Taco Bell. Buy a large or X-Large Mountain Dew Baja Blast or Pepsi Cola soft drink and you'll receive a game code. Go online to enter your game code and you're eligible.

Jarrod (Columbus): As my favorite player of all-time, I want to know who is your favorite player of all-time.

Paul Molitor: (1:51 PM ET ) Harmon Killebrew was my boyhood idol. Getting to know him over the past several years has affirmed it was a good choice.

Patrick (Springfield, MA): Did you ever consider playing other sports in high school or college, or was baseball your one and only love?

Paul Molitor: (1:52 PM ET ) I played basketball and soccer in high school. Loved basketball but all things pointed my future was in baseball.

James (Toronto): How important is locker-room cohesion when it comes to building a championship team, and how important was it for you to be a positive influence in the clubhouse?

Paul Molitor: (1:53 PM ET ) Does winning create chemistry or does chemistry create winning? Probably goes both ways. As a veteran, you try to set an example in preparation, consistency and work ethic.

Sammy (Bayside Queens): Paul- big fan! Please name 3 players from your era that you feel should be in the Hall of Fame that aren't.

Paul Molitor: (1:54 PM ET ) Bert Blyelven, Goose Gossage, and Andre Dawson.

Justin (ny, ny): Which current pitcher would you least want to face - were you still currently playing at the same hall of fame level we were all so privileged to see?

Paul Molitor: (1:56 PM ET ) I should say Santana, working for the Twins, but I'll go with Verlander. Velocity, nasty breaking ball, changeup. Pretty good.

Paul Molitor: (1:56 PM ET ) Been a pleasure. Good luck with the contest. Hope to see you at the World Series.

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