Game Thread # 154 Brewers (79-74) at Braves (80-74)

"You're just feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity! You didn't kill Skipper. He killed himself. You and skipper and millions like you are living in a kids' world. Playing games, touch downs, no worries, no responsibilities. Life ain't no damn football (baseball) game. Life ain't just a buncha high spots. You're a thirty-year-old kid. Soon you'll be a fifty-year-old kid. Pretendin' you're hearin' cheers when there ain't any. Dreamin' and drinkin' your life away. Heroes in the real world live twenty-four hours a day, not just two hours in a game. Mendacity! You won't live with mendacity! Well, you're an expert at it. The truth is pain and sweat and payin' bills and makin' love to a woman you don't love any more. Truth is dreams that don't come true, and nobody prints your name in the paper till you die."
--Big Daddy
From: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof --Tennessee Williams

I put this quote because it reminded me of Haudricourt for some reason talking to us about Ned Yost being the next son of Jesus.  I guess we don't have the right to say anything bad about Nedly anymore?  I added baseball in ().  Sorry if I offend anyone, but it reminded of Fox News when they say we can't criticize certain Generals (Please, let's not talk politics here).  

John Smoltz might be old, see Jamie I put that in there, but he's still pretty damn good. It's going to be tough against him today.  He's allowed 3 earned runs or fewer in nine straight starts.  He's also had his shortest start of the year against the BrewCrew, but that was because of an injury.  Because he's old, we should get his pitchcount up.  

Yovani Gallardo, however, is very young.  My age actually (I obviously am way behind his curve) and he has 21 straight scoreless innings.  Gallardo has also won his last four starts.  He'll have to extend that stream against a tough offense.  

And, oh yeah, we're prime time baby on Fox.  Perhaps Vasgersian will be back calling one of our games (that sell out!).  It's a great pitching matchup and it should be a great game.  This would be a huge win.  Here's, once again, my guess at the lineup:

2b Counsell (he's 8-16 career vs Smoltz)
Rf Hart  
3b Braun
1b Fielder
Cf Hall (3-8 with a homerun)
Lf Jenkins (2-6 witha  homerun)  
C Estrada
Ss Hardy

Bumped of course. For southeastern Wisconsites with Time Warner, I think the game might be in HD.
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