Monday's Frosty Mug

Welcome to Monday's edition of your Frosty Mug, where you always get cheese on your cheeseburgers.

Your CC Sweepstakes Update

* Friday's Frosty Mug mentioned that the Dodgers, Giants, and Pale Hosers may be preparing offers for the services of CC Sabathia.  Foxsports (via the NY Post) reports that the Angels might be getting in the mix if talks with Scott Boras over Mark Teixeira break down. 

* If the Giants sign CC, they would presumably owe about $250 million to two pitchers over the next 5 years.

* Desperate for a silver lining if we don't sign CC?  Check out this picture of the pitching phenom.  Does it remind you of anyone?

Miscellaneous Brewers Links

* The Sporting News has an interview with new Brewers manager Ken Macha.  My favorite part: when asked about the chances of re-signing CC or Sheets, Macha only discusses Sabathia.  Heh. Hat tip to Juan Lozano from ESPN Milwaukee.

* Rambling Al finds a post at warning of Dave Bush regression.  That's not so good.

* Remember how the Angels might make CC an offer?  The same Foxsports page also suggests that the Brewers might make an offer to K-Rod or Fuentes, given our recent willingness to throw gobs of money at closers.  Not-so-fun fact: last season, the Brewers had blown 11 saves after the 8th inning, second-worst in the NL.  (The World Champion Phillies?  No blown saves after 8.)

Hot Stove

* Rafael Furcal maybe be close to signing with either the Mets (who would use him as a second baseman) or As.

* Chase Utley will miss 4-6 months for hip surgery.

* AJ Burnett wants a five-year deal.  Good luck with that.

* Ty "Chief" Wiggington and Jose Valverde are on the trading block.  The case for the Brewers signing Wiggington can be made here. Valverde's 3.38 and 44 saves last season follow up a 2.66 ERA and 47 saves the season before; you'd think any team looking for a closer (ahem) would be interested.  You'll likely be as pleased as I am to know that part of the reason why these two must go is because our old friend Carlos Lee's salary jumps in 2009 from $12 million to $18.5 million.

Speaking of Texas, a Beaumont, Texas, undercover police officer was suspended during a prostitution sting for, ahem, going too far to nail the perp.  In a hearing this past August, officer Keith Breiner defended himself by saying "It was a job, sir. I didn't have pleasure doing it...[I]t was something I did for the city."  Officer Breiner, we salute your dedication.


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