Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Nothing goes with lunch better than a frosty mug.   

It's a typically slow news day for the offseason.  Everyone, even Jon Arbuckle, is anxiously waiting for Doug Melvin to make a move.

CC Sabathia Sweepstakes

Not a whole lot has happened since yesterday.  The Angels' offer looks like it might be close to the Yankees', somewhere around 6 years/$140 million.  The LA Times reports that the Angels don't want to go beyond SEVEN years.  Mr. Melvin, if the Brewers' offer is 5 years for $100 million, I don't think it's going to cut it, though there might be another option...

Brewers Stuff

Has the buzz worn off from making the playoffs for the first time since 1982?  Brian Anderson made a list of his favorite moments from 2008 --- just click on the date to get the Gameday recap, video, and photos.  I'd forgotten that we won three games in a row in May in the final at-bat.

The site has the latest mailbag from Adam McCalvey.  A lot of it rehashes things we've been discussing, like timelines and cost of living in Jeff Sackmann's basement.  It also has more Sheets discussion than I'd like to see, quite frankly.

For those who are curious about how your favorite Brewers prospects are doing this winter,'s got you covered.

You want transcripts of a recent Scott Karl interview?  Really?  Have at it.  Meanwhile, anyone got Sixto's phone number?

Hot Stove

The Cubs are no longer suitors for Jake Peavy, thank goodness.  However, they might be interested in Bobby Abreu.

The Pale Hosers and Reds are talking about trading Jermaine Dye for Homer Bailey.  I'm too lazy to look it up, but Dye may lead the AL in home runs by an outfielder since 2005.  He's also 90 years old.

Speaking of 90 years old, the Rockies may be targeting Brian Shouse, among others.

The Pirates have signed two pitchers from India.  Apparently no one is immune from outsourcing. 

The As and Giants are both after Rafael Furcal, though there may be a mysterious "Third Team" in the mix.  Rickie, why do you keep looking over your shoulder like that?


The Junkball Blues ranks NL pitcher performance, categorized by pitch type.  It's pretty interesting.  If we do find a way to get Escobar and JJ in the same infield, then a sinkerballer becomes a lot more attractive (*cough* Derek Lowe *cough*), though not Jamie Moyer attractive.

KL Snow promises something special to appear tomorrow (live chat with the Rally Lobster?  Gorman-cam?).  Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.

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