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Some things to read while looking for new things to graph.

I guess this says a lot about how this offseason has gone: I've got about 50 links today after a week off, but nothing I felt was worth listing as the top story. Goat Riders of the Apocalypse and Dugout Central are both down on the Brewers' chances in 2009.

There are a couple of minor league signings to report: RHPs Chris Smith and Ryan Houston have been added to the fold, although both sound more likely to contribute in Nashville than Milwaukee.

So, pending a move, the Brewers' 2009 rotation will include Yovani Gallardo, Manny Parra, Dave Bush, Jeff Suppan and Seth McClung. The #6 option must be Chris Capuano, because Carlos Villanueva is reportedly not being considered. All of this gets a little easier if the Crew signs Braden Looper, of course.

So, due to the Elias rankings slotting Mark Teixiera ahead of CC Sabathia, the Brewers will now get the Yankees' second round pick, instead of the first rounder they should have received as compensation for the Yankees' signing Sabathia. As noted in the FanShots, Doug Melvin would like to see an update to the Elias formula that put Teix ahead of CC. Keith Law is with him.

Lost in all the debate about free agent rankings is this: The Yankees will give a first round pick to the Angels, a second round pick to the Brewers and a third round pick to the Blue Jays (for signing A.J. Burnett), but get to keep another first and third rounder they were given as compensation for failing to sign their top two picks in 2008. So the Brewers and Blue Jays would both be entitled to first round picks in a normal year, but instead the Yankees keep one. How is that fair?

Meanwhile, Mark Attanasio's comments about a salary cap have drawn a stern "Get off my lawn!" from Murray Chass.

The 2009 projections continue: jhmoore posted the Brewers' 2009 WAR projections in the FanShots.

I thought award season was over, but apparently it's not: Prince Fielder has been nominated for a Douchie. I'd go into more detail but I'd like to keep this blog somewhere in the PG range.

A few notes on former Brewers: According to the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers remain interested but have not made an offer to Ben Sheets...which I guess makes them the frontrunner to sign him?

Could the Brewers still be active in the closer market? In polling over at Birdland, only about 1% of voters think the Brewers will sign Brian Fuentes, but 21% think the Brewers could sign Jason Isringhausen. Also, Akinori Otsuka will work out for all 30 teams in January.

Elsewhere on the hot stove:

Astros: Have signed Clay Hensley to a minor league deal, and now appear to be done unless a shortstop comes along.
A's: Are reportedly talking to Jason Giambi, Garret Anderson and Bobby Abreu.
Giants: Signed Randy Johnson to a deal worth between $8 and $10.5 million, depending on incentives. (noted in FanPosts) They may now be looking to deal Jonathan Sanchez.
Marlins: Are not interested in Sammy Sosa.
Mets: Could still be pursuing both Oliver Perez and Derek Lowe.
Orioles: Have signed Mark Hendrickson, meaning they'll definitely be taller in 2009. Better is still open for debate.
Phillies: Signed Gary Majewski to a minor league deal.
Rangers: Aren't interested in Sosa either.
Red Sox: Have signed Brad Penny to a one-year deal worth $5 million, with up to $3 million in incentives available. They also signed Josh Bard.
Reds: Signed Willy Taveras to a two-year deal. Transaction Oracle projects his OPS+ at 66.

How lucky are the Brewers to have Bob Uecker? Consider these comments made by Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman about Adam Dunn.

If you live in/near Milwaukee, you'll be able to get the MLB Network on Time Warner channel 122, and you'll be able to see Mitch Williams, Greg Amsinger, Jon Heyman and Barry Larkin. Still no word on whether or not I'll get it in Des Moines, but I'll likely be putting a dish on my roof soon if I can't.

Would baseball still be as popular if games weren't played on Sundays? Seamheads has the story about the debate on banning Sunday baseball in Milwaukee in 1898.

Oh, and you probably couldn't afford to buy the auctioned seat in the US Senate, but you might be able to afford the Senate seats in Peoria.

Drink up.
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