Three Way Cameron Deal?

They say, "it's the most wonderful time of the year."  Why is that?  Is it because of all the stress, deadlines, shopping, snow covered streets, and heating bills?  Of course not.  This time of year is the most wonderful because of the baseball offseason.  What is more fun that trying to predict what your team will do to make the future brighter?

It's no secret that the Yankees are interested in Mike Cameron.  But why would the Brewers want to trade away Cameron?  There are three reasons that jump out to me. 

1. Batting Average/Strikeouts  -  Cameron struck out 142 times in just 120 games last season, while hitting .243  We already have enough players like him on the team.

2. Payroll  -  The Brewers certainly wouldn't mind freeing up 10 M dollars if they have a shot at signing a SP or closer.

3. Left Handed Hitting  -  Melvin wants to add a left handed bat to the starting lineup.  There are really only 2 places where we could plug in a lefty.  CF and 3B.

However, if the Brewers trade Mike Cameron, they will need to obtain a new CF.  Since the CF Free Agent market is very bleak, and the Yanks don't have a CF to give in return, Dougie Fresh needs another option.

What about involving a 3rd team.  Who has a Lefthanded CF available?  As roguejim noted in November, the Royals have an excess of outfielders, including David Dejesus. 

But what do the Royals want in return?  The Royals are looking for relief pitching and a middle infielder.  It just so happens that the Brewers have a middle infielder that teams have been asking about.  Melvin has said that we would need a leadoff hitter in return for Rickie Weeks.  Dejesus could be a leadoff hitter.  Let's compare.

It is unfair to compare Rickie's 89 runs in 129 games to Dejesus's 70 runs in 135 games.  Having Hardy, Braun, Fielder bat behind you is a little bit different than Grudzielanek, Teahan, Guillen.

2008 BA: Weeks, .234  -  Dejesus, .307

2008 OBP: Weeks, .342  -  Dejesus, .366

2008 Stolen Bases: Weeks, 19  -  Dejesus, 11

Weeks is a better baserunner, but I have to assume that Dejesus would score more runs as a Brewer based on his higher OBP.  I would certainly welcome this lineup swap.

So this is how I would picture this trade shaping up:

The Brewers send Mike Cameron to the Yankees.  The Yankees send a SP to the Brewers.

The Brewers send Rickie Weeks to the Royals.  The Royals send David Dejesus to the Brewers.

The Yankees send a relief pitcher to the Royals.  The Royals send a SP to the Brewers.

What do you guys think?


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