VD Reads

Sorry I'm a little late, but nonetheless, here's some reads for Thursday:

They're not pictures from Maryvale, of course, but the Mariners Blog has spring training pictures, including this one, which I've put up as my desktop background. The season still feels infinitely far away to me, but it's coming.

Side note: I'm not sure how Geoff Baker, who writes said Mariners blog, gets away with calling his blog that. It'd be different if Seattle didn't have a vibrant Mariner blog community, but there are no less than four good Mariners blogs. The last two are really good. One of them appears in today's Valentine's Day special Sappy Section.

The signs of spring training are upon us. The grass is green and freshly mowed. The uniforms are clean and hung neatly in their lockers. And the Cubs think they can win the World Series. No further comment necessary.

To finish the series, Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts ranks the best 20 and 21 year old players in baseball. Jeremy Jeffress makes the list of 20's. No, Jeremy, that's not a good reason to get stoned.

From A's Nation: Rich Harden is backlashing at some members of the A's organization for pushing him too hard to fight through and come back from injuries. Replace "Harden" with "Sheets" and the post becomes something you've read before.

Now, since it is Valentine's Day, the sappy section. If you're bitter today, maybe now is a good time to move on to the next diary.

Earlier this week, Dave for U.S.S. Mariner (mentioned above as one of the top Mariner blogs) wrote this post about his girlfriend's efforts to raise money for leukemia research through Team in Training. She's running a marathon in Alaska in June, and could use your help generating pledges of support. If you can, I'd encourage you to help out.

ToyCannon at True Blue LA offered up this post this week on how baseball created an environment where he could spend time with his future wife. A great, well-told story.

Keith Law loves Ratatouille. He just wishes they had cast Audrey Tautou instead of Janine Garaofalo.

And David Chalk from Bugs and Cranks wants to know if loving a Yankee fan while hating the Yankees makes him a slut.

Every year I write a rant about Valentine's Day, but they're never as good as this one, which I wrote for my personal blog in 2005. So instead of rehashing it, I'll link you to it here.

That's all for now. Have a good day.

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