Thursday's Frosty Mug

Notes from around the web, interrupted every few moments so I can check today's Woot-off.

Today's biggest Brewer news: Mike Rivera will stick as the backup catcher, leaving Eric Munson the odd man out and with an uncertain future. Apparently having good stats wasn't enough to keep Munson on the team.

More Claudio Vargas-related news: MLB Trade Rumors thinks the Mets might be interested in his services, and the Huntsville Stars note that this means at least two former Stars will be in the rotation on Opening Day.

In-Between Hops notes the following quote from the Sports Illustrated season preview:

"Memo to baseball blogoshpere: Manager Ned Yost doesn't want your help."
I just wish he didn't need it.

Elsewhere around the previews today:

Deadspin gets it wrong.
Yahoo Sports has three writers making predictions on various topics. All of them forgot about Prince Fielder.
McCovey Chronicles has started a prediction contest, and picked the Brewers to finish first.

Alphabetical injury reports in one line or less:

Rays 3B Willy Aybar has been out since Saturday with a sore hamstring.
Kelvim Escobar has a tear in his shoulder and may miss all of 2008.
Johnny Estrada has been put on the DL to continue rehabbing elbow tendinitis...very slowly.
Twins CF Carlos Gomez was named the Opening Day starter and removed with a sore hamstring in the same day.

I enjoyed Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke's April-June script for an NL Central title, so I was pleased to see they added July today.

In their continued effort to keep the entire roster over 30, the Reds sent Homer Bailey back to AAA.

Reed Johnson is in and Matt Murton has been sent down in Chicago, but that's not keeping GoatRiders of the Apocalypse from predicting big things for Thunder Matt.

Also available: Jorge de la Rosa.

Maybe available, maybe not: Phillies Rule 5 pick Travis Blackley has been drafted and returned via the Rule 5 draft twice now, and faces an interesting set of scenarios, as laid out in The Zo Zone.

Capitol Punishment raises an interesting point: The Nationals stand to make an awful lot of money with their new stadium this year...where's it going?

Via The Biz of Baseball, I learned that XM is going to make MLB Home Plate, their 24-hour baseball channel, available online. It's one of the presets in my car.

That's all for today. I'm going back to the Woot-off now. Drink up.
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