First Blog

I've never really blogged on the internet, but I decided to get into it because of my undying passion for the Brewers.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), watching the Brewers might be the most stressful thing in my life.  Regardless, I need a place to cheer, vent, etc. on any Brewers related.  I'm looking forward to contributing to the community and seeing what this whole "blogging" craze is all about.


I figure I'll start out this first post by going back to Sunday night's game against the Reds.  This was the first night of the year where I really disagreed with something Yost did.  I know how many Yost bashers are out there, and I just want to say I'm not one of them.

Anyway, I wasn't very happy to see Gagne come out to pitch in the tenth inning.  He had pitched the three previous days and you could tell that his velocity was down on Saturday.  Does this not signal fatigue and a need for a day of rest? 

Many will disagree with me on this, but I wanted to see Turnbow in that situation.  Obviously, Derrick had taken his complaint about his "mop-up" role public and I would have loved to give him the opportunity to prove himself.  A pressure situation (extra innings) would have been perfect and the fact that he had one run to give was a little extra cushion in case he messed up. 

So what would have happened?  I can't say for sure, but had Turnbow come in against the Reds, maybe he would have given up one run like he did on Monday night.  Or zero runs.  Either way...we get the win.  Also, that would have given Gagne a day of rest and then maybe he would have come in and shut down the Cards in yesterdays game. 

My point is that we basically had Gagne who should only pitch in one game between Sunday and Monday...preferably Monday because of the weekend.  If Yost would have went with this thought process, I think we come out with one, maybe two wins on those days.  Instead, we have two losses.


Today's afternoon game against the Cards is an impeccable example of what I mean when I say how stressful it is to be a Brewers fan.  I think David Riske is our most reliable reliever and he goes walk, double, walk to start out a four run inning for the Cards after we just took a four run inning ourselves for a five run lead.  Shouse and Stetter didn't do any better.  I still love 'em though!  I think they'll prove to be good relievers for us this year.


Okay, that's enough for me for the first post.  Bye.


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