More PITCHf/x goodies

Last fanpost in a while I promise.  Here is the info from Gagne's two innings yesterday.  He threw 26 fastballs, 4 change ups, and 0 curves according to MLBAM.  Here is the side view of the averaged pitches.



Now obviously the sample here is tiny but, if anything, his change appears worse than it did the rest of the season.  He might be better throwing a majority of fastballs but I wouldn't be too quick to give him his closers role back.  Bush too threw a ton of fastballs.  MLBAM says 60 fastballs 11 curves, 11 changes, and 10 sliders which I think pretty much everyone else calls a cutter.  Whatever, you get the idea.

Also, I generated a list of every brewer pitcher's pitches by their runs100 .  Now runs100 is based off linear weights for 100 pitches so a negative number is good.  It also is funny because 0 isn't league average.  I'll post the league averages first.  I have tweaked the horrible pitch identification for brewer pitchers but not yet for the league

type    runs100    number

Fastball -1.17018 82942
Sinker -0.111099 1865
Curve -2.16034 12847
Slider -2.61032 20880
Change -0.873506 16887
Splitter -1.76619 1686
Cutter -2.09699 3724

Here are the brewer pitchers

Dave_Bush Fastball -0.916794 393
Dave_Bush Curve -1.24744 78
Dave_Bush Change 1.05 60
Dave_Bush Cutter -0.0396226 53
Eric_Gagne Fastball 0.909195 174
Eric_Gagne Curve -2.42105 19
Eric_Gagne Change 1.22877 146
Seth_McClung Fastball -3.0339 177
Seth_McClung Curve 0.794915 59
Seth_McClung Slider 1.86667 15
Guillermo_Mota Fastball -4.9947 132
Guillermo_Mota Slider -3.78438 96
Guillermo_Mota Change 2.86087 69
Manny_Parra Fastball 2.72681 332
Manny_Parra Curve -2.01069 131
Manny_Parra Slider -2.37143 35
Manny_Parra Change -2.02055 73
David_Riske Fastball -0.815888 214
David_Riske Slider -1.47857 14
David_Riske Change 2.92245 49
Ben_Sheets Fastball -2.27481 393
Ben_Sheets Curve -4.0783 235
Ben_Sheets Change -4.86389 36
Brian_Shouse Slider -5.03894 113
Jeff_Suppan Fastball 0.137662 308
Jeff_Suppan Sinker -1.38269 52
Jeff_Suppan Slider -3.95391 128
Jeff_Suppan Change 1.14329 164
Salomon_Torres Fastball -1.91856 264
Salomon_Torres Slider -4.98929 28
Salomon_Torres Splitter 0.317391 46
Derrick_Turnbow Fastball 2.16512 86
Derrick_Turnbow Slider -5.18095 21
Carlos_Villanueva Fastball 0.882283 254
Carlos_Villanueva Curve -0.892308 91
Carlos_Villanueva Slider -1.04917 120
Carlos_Villanueva Change -3.47846 130
Yovani_Gallardo Fastball -2.97153 137
Yovani_Gallardo Curve -0.928713 101
Yovani_Gallardo Slider 0.292593 54
Mitch_Stetter Fastball 0.0511628 43
Mitch_Stetter Slider -0.82906 117

Shouse is all screwed up with his side arm action totally messing up the identification.  I haven't been able to fix his yet.  If you take a peak at McClung it looks like his off speed pitches kind of suck.  This makes me think that he wouldn't make it as a starter.  Bush, Villy,, and Parra really have been having trouble with their fastballs.  Before last night Bush's fastball number was in Gagne territory.  Speaking of him, you can see that neither his fastball or change has been doing the job.  Stetter's fastball took a huge hit yesterday as he couldn't throw strikes he threw a ton of fastballs and still missed the zone.  Sheets change, though new, looks very effective.  Maybe that is a good sign for the rest of the year.  Though maybe the league will catch up to it.

Have fun.

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