Questions for an Expat's first trip to Miller Park

I'll be making my first trip back to Wisconsin since 2000 in late June,
and I'm planning to take my wife & 4-year-old son to the Brewers/Orioles
game on Friday the 20th.  (It's the only game that fits in the family
travel schedule).  I went to plenty of games at County Stadium before
moving to SoCal in 1998, but this will be my first visit to Miller Park.
Personally, I'd be happy sitting in the Uecker seats with a couple of
brats, a bag of peanuts, and a six-pack of Miller Lite, but I need some
insider information to ensure that the family enjoys the game as much as

So here are some questions, in no particular order of importance:

Seats:  My son loves Ryan Braun (who doesn't, besides Cardinal/Cub
fans?), so much so that at spring training this year he kept asking me
to point out where Ryan Braun was on the field.  ("Daddy, where's Ryan
Braun now?"  Thankfully we were sitting on the left-field side in
Maryvale so he could see the Brauntasaurus.)  So I'm planning to get
left-field box seats, either field- or loge-level.  Recommendations?  Is
the view significantly better at the field level, or is it more a
question of what row you're in?  (i.e. If the choice is between the 4th
row loge or 26th row field, which would you choose?)

Tickets:  Is there an option other than StubHub or ordering direct from
the Brewers' website?  (I don't necessarily have a problem with StubHub
or the website, I'm just wondering if there are other options.)

Driving/Parking:  I'm planning to pay for preferred parking in advance.
Worth it?  And since we'll be driving up from (-shudder-) Chicago the
day of the game, is there a good approach coming up I-94 that can help
avoid some of the game-time traffic?

Food:  We'll be gorging on brats, naturally, but is there a particular
concession stand along the left-field side that has better food than the

Kids:  The Li'l Dude has been to about 20 Angels games, a couple of
Dodger games, and some Cactus League games.  He's okay for about 3
innings, then he needs to be entertained.  The Miller Park section of
the Brewers' website mentions a Kids' Playland near Bernie's clubhouse,
but I can't find any specifics as to kid-type activities.  The Angels
have a "Family Fun Pavilion" with T-ball, ring-toss, and other games for
the kiddies.  Is the Kids Playland similar?

Souvenirs:  I have my vintage Brewers jersey.  The Li'l Dude already has his Brewers cap and Ryan Braun T-shirt to wear to the game, but he's still growing.  Which store at the Stadium stocks the widest range of kid-sized merchandise?  Do any of them stock a variety of womens' styles for the wife?

I appreciate any answers/thoughts/recommendations you might have!

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