Tuesday's Plastic Cup Overfloweth

No post-game links since there was no game yesterday, but we've got plenty to make up for it.

Tiger Woods is really good.  Even if you aren't much of a golf fan, Joe Posnanski's post-Open essay is well worth your time.

The Junkball Blues notes the improvement from the starting rotation.  Aside from Bush, everyone is doing their part, and as I've grown fond of pointing out, Jeff Suppan is pitching nearly as well as anybody right now.  We've talked a bit about options to fix the back of the rotation, and another name that we could add to the list is David Wells.  Emphasis on "could."

Speaking of Suppan, Royals Review has anointed him the 50th greatest Royal ever.  He was an innings-eater there, too, but he did get the opening day nod three times.

The Brewers had the day off, but Adam McCalvy didn't.  He posted a feature worth reading on Jason Kendall.  He quotes Melvin saying, "If you look at the free agent catchers now, he might have been the best one."  Could be, but I don't know if I'd put that on my business card.

Also at the official site, here's an article about 13th round pick Rob Wooten, currently closing games from North Carolina at the College World Series.

You might have heard that Prince Fielder is a vegetarian.  Jonah Keri chimes at ESPN with feature on athletes--not just baseball players--who go meatless.  

Perhaps you noticed that it rained in the midwest last weekend.  Nashville played the Iowa Cubs Saturday in front of a crowd of two.

Moving away from the Brewers and their youngsters...

Willie Randolph was fired last night, along with pitching coach Rick Peterson and first-base coach Tom Nieto.  It's the Nieto axe that'll really shake things up.  You know when there's a bad seed coaching at first, it can poison the whole clubhouse.  The new Mets skipper will be Jerry Manuel, therefore confusing all of us who can't keep Jerry Manuel and Charlie Manuel (managing the division rival Phillies) straight.

Also fired: Bill Bavasi, possibly the worst GM in baseball.

Not going to be fired anytime soon: Sandy Alderson, interviewed by Ducksnorts.

Finally, Josh's Hardball Times column this week uses pitch f/x data to figure out how best to pitch at Coors.  Great stuff as always.

Check back this afternoon for five questions with a Blue Jays pundit.

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