I posted the following in the game thread from today, but I thought I'd give it its own news entry.

Note, there's a near 0% chance that these "rules" would ever be implimented, especially coming from such a casual fan as myself.

ERA rules have flummoxed me of late.  Mota, who gave up a homerun in the inning in question, recently had that erased due to a rescoring of a previous play in the inning as an error.  Pitchers who commit an error themselves don't have it count against their ERA.  I feel that this ridiculousness must end!

PagsBrewcRew's Proposed new ERA rules:
1) Runs scored in innings where there are no errors are earned (the "well, duh" rule)
2) Errors on the pitcher’s position (E1) are considered as if they were not errors at all. In other words, in innings where the only error is an E1, they are earned runs.
3) Errors resulting in advancement (in contrast to errors resulting from lack-of-out) are scored earned if the runner would have scored from his old base as a result of the rest of the inning. Note that in this formulation a runner will score from second on a single, but not from first on a double. If a sac fly brought a player from 3B to home, it would not bring someone from 2B to 3B.
4) Runs scored on balks and wildpitches count (ie, they’re not errors). Passed balls are considered errors by the errors-from-advancement rule (#3).
5) Errors resulting from lack-of-out (dropped catch, misplayed grounder, etc) are considered a “mout” (modified out) in the inning (as are standard outs). When 3 mouts in the inning occur, the pitcher is not off the hook as far as earned runs are concerned. The bases are considered “cleared” and any batter that scores after the point of the inning reset are earned again (but players on base are considered freebies). In other words, HOMERUNS ALWAYS COUNT AGAINST YOUR ERA. The maximum unearned runs scored from a one-error inning is 3.
6) If relievers come in to an inning after an error has been committed, to them no errors have occured. In other words, once there become 3 “mouts” the bases are not cleared. All runs are earned to the reliever (of batters that he’s faced), presuming no futher errors are committed. The previous pitcher is “off the hook” once 3 mouts have been recorded and advancement-from-error (rule 3) still applies to his baserunners.

end PBR ERA rules.

thoughts?  feedback?  Anyone want to submit them to the mlb rules committee for review?

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