Thank You Cubs Fans

So apparently we didn't need a new coaching scene inside the dugout to light a fire under the Brewers' collective asses.  All we needed were some stupid Cubs fans.

When I saw Prince yelling towards the dugout after his second jack, I figured that he was proud of himself and making sure his teamates saw it. 


Prince said that he was jawing at some fans behind the dugout who called him 'Cecil'.  It has been said for decades that fans of the Chicago Cubs are the 'stupidest' and 'worst' fans in all of baseball, and they showed why last night.  Prince Fielder has shown over the last two years that if you make him angry, he will turn into the Hulk.  Multiple times, after being knocked off the plate by an inside pitch, Fielder has sent the next pitch over the fence.  The man has a short temper, and it doesn't take long for him to strike back. 

The Cubs fans should have known that, I mean, it's not like we play in the same division or anything..  Over the course of the season, the brewers have lit up the scoreboard by having just 2 or 3 guys playing red hot.  If we get hot and make the playoffs, I'm thanking you, Dewey Dugout Cubs Fan. 


You truly are stupid.


Allow me to clarify my own post.

I feel like I came off a little to harsh and hateful.  I didn't mean to attack all Cubs fans.  I am a Brewers fan who enjoys LOVES this little rivalry.  I like most Cubs fans.  Did I make sweeping generalizations in this post?  Yes.  From my experience, there are two types of Cubs fans.  Those who go to games to cheer on their team, and those who go to games to root against the other team.  The former is the type you can have a conversation with, buy a beer, and talk baseball with.  Those are baseball fans, and intelligent people.  The latter are the type that want their team to win for the sole purpose of gloating.  If they could put a gigantic arrow above their head that says, "I'M GLOATING AND YOU SHOULD BE MAD AT ME FOR IT," they would. 

These fans are not baseball fans.  They would rather see a fight than a home run, and they're flat out disrespectful.  And most of all, they're unintelligent. 

I'm should have pointed out that in the original post, that I was just talking about the fans that were heckling Prince Fielder.  I love heckling, (Hey Fat Elvis, sing me jailhouse rock) but Prince Fielder is the wrong man to heckle.   When you get under his skin, he plays well.  I was not talking about Cubbie Nation.

As for big brother complex?  It's not big brother complex.  I suppose I'm jealous of the size of your fan base. (I wish Brewers fans could fill stadiums in San Diego and Florida.  I'm in absolute awe of the Cub Nation)  But Milwaukee doesn't have a dislike for the Cubs because Chicago is Milwaukee's big brother; We just don't like the cocky people.

And for the record, I said that I'm thanking you, Dewey Dugout Cubs Fan... not Cub Nation.

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