My Brewers 2009 projections (Disagree or Post your own, just don't be mean about it) enjoy

1st base

Prince Fielder: Prince has reported to spring training skinnier this year. which probably will help more in the field than at the plate. He had trouble digging out bad throws last year and made 17 errors. Expect that to go down as he get more agile. Should have a year more similiar to 2007 than 2008.

545 AB    45 HR    115 RBI     95 BB  .292 AVG     

Mike Lamb: Was somewhat better with Milwaukee than Minnesota. Not much more than a clubhouse guy.

132 AB      2 HR       18 RBI    12 BB   .242 AVG

2nd base

Rickie Weeks: Not only does Weeks have one of the worst gloves of all MLB second basemen, his batting has been shoddy. Could still progress though, so im expecting a better '09

492 AB    15 HR   52 RBI     78 BB       .257 AVG

Craig Counsell: Will be helpful in a utility role, possibly more if Weeks has a season thats even worse than last years......... 

232 AB   3 HR    22 RBI     39 BB   .237 AVG


J.J Hardy: Will hit around 20 HR, bat around .280 with decent plate discipline. Thats my first scenario, my second is a breakout line, which could happen if he takes his game to the next level.

Line A:      567 AB      22 Hr     72 RBI     46 BB    .275 AVG

Line B (breakout line)  595 AB        34 HR         96 RBI       59BB      .297 AVG

Third Base

Bill Hall: This is a tough call I expect a rebound, no starting third baseman should hit .225 2 years in a row, nevermind a talented player like Bill.

501 AB            27 HR            87RBI         45BB      .254AVG


Ryan Braun: Although there have been jokes about him hitting 60 Home Runs this year, i would like to see him get to 40 first which I think he will this season.

588 AB          43 HR             122 RBI         47 BB        .299 AVG

Mike Cameron: Cameron may be on the decline, this being the age that it really sets in for players like him. But he has been so consistent  batting near 250 with near 20 HR every year. His career batting average is exactly .25000 so our projections are going to mirror all that, just for fun.

455 AB         20 HR            75 RBI         67BB          .250 AVG

Corey Hart: Had a bad 2008, or as some argue a bad month or two. But unless his obp shows improvement one of the backups may steal time away from him.

472 AB        16 HR            61 RBI         23 BB        .274 AVG


Backup outfielders

Chris Duffy: Wont make the team

Tony Gwynn Jr.: The Brewers hope he outplays Nixon and Duffy, but i think Nixon takes the 4th outfielder spot while Gwynn has the last bench spot.

92 AB      1HR          8 RBI           6BB         .245 AVG

Trot Nixon: Nixon is the favorite (or so i've heard) to make the roster out of these three guys he will be the 4th outfielder and may get some AB's at first base. he hit righties much better than leftier, shouldnt go near a lefty PERIOD.

212 AB     6 HR      32 RBI        37BB        .275 AVG.


Jason Kendall: Expect Kendalls usual offensive output, well continuing to gun down base runners and play a good catcher.

488 AB          5 HR              40 RBI              52 BB             . 254 AVG 

Thanks for reading everyone!

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