Hyatt's Fantasy Mailbag: Why I am a Self-Titled Expert

If you go back to my first post, you will remember that I am a fantasy baseball Expert because I say I am.  Now I've had some good performances in the past to back this up (won 18 out of 26 leagues that I've participated in since '04), but I want to share my results with you for my leauges this year, and give lame excuses for my failings, and overly praise myself for my successes.  We'll start with my 4 Yahoo leauges:

(5x5 Roto) Jobu's Cigars and Rum: current standing 7th 47.5 points. 

Josh Hamilton and Prince are dragging this team down offensively, but Webb and Christian Guzman going on the DL doesn't help matters either.  Ryan Howard, Prince, and Hamilton should bounce back after slow starts to lead this team to a championship, with Ellsbury snatching up all the steals in the world.  Bedard's resurgence and Webb coming back healthy along with Beckett, Gallardo, and 5 closers should win me the championship.

(7x7 H2H) My Own Personal Dejesus: Current standing 5th, 14-13-1

Low average starts by Iannetta, Hardy, Jay Bruce and Kelly Johnson, as well as this team not scoring runs have hurt, but surprise performances of Jason Bartlett, Bonifacio (drafted in last round), and Zach Duke have kept this team afloat.  Resurgences should provide a top 3 finish.

(5x5 H2H) Zito's Snot Rockets: Current Standing 1st, 14-4-2

Interesting league where I drafted 3 teams and used players from those 3 teams (10 each) to build a fantasy team.  I ended up with the Mets, Red Sox, and Nats.  Which means I have an infield of Youk, Pedroia, Reyes, Wright.  The rest of the team is stacked, and I am a MF-in Human Switchblade in this league.  Eat it bitches.

(15x15 H2H) Funky Cold Molina: Current Standing 1st, 31-18-11.

Ian Kinsler has carried this offense, despite Iannetta, Upton, and Steve Drew getting off to slow starts.  But when you win just about every pitching category with a Haren, Oswalt, Billingsley, Harang, Vasquez, and Bedard staff with 4 closers, you are going to be #1.  Again MFHS.

I'll address the Espin leagues next time since this is getting a little long.  I also wanted to point out a great note on FakeTeams.  There are 2 things to take away from here.  The first is the title.  The second is the Roto Times player evaluator to see how your boys you've got are doing in relation.  CM Wang is not doing well.

Let's make with the ?s.  Last week we only had 2.  I know you are looking to do stuff, so let's hear it.

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