Friday's Frosty Mug

Some things to read while on the phone with tech support.

The newfound Brewer plate discipline paid off again last night, as the Brewers couldn't hit Max Scherzer, but they could force him to throw 107 pitches in six innings, exposing the weak underbelly that is the D-Backs bullpen. AZ Snakepit has a rant about last night's bullpen usage.

Mike Cameron was one of several heroes for the Brewers last night. After hitting two more doubles (nine in April), Cameron's OPS is up over 1.100. On top of that, his B-Ref page is available, if you have $110 burning a hole in your pocket. Certainly, Cameron's page is becoming a free agent at the best possible time.

You know who might have that $110 laying around? The Brewers. They just signed a new deal with FS Wisconsin. FSWI promises to carry 150 Brewer games for an undisclosed number of seasons in exchange for an undisclosed amount of money.

Even if you don't have $110, you can still chat with Yovani Gallardo at 3 pm today.

Carlos Coporan had a rough trip to Milwaukee yesterday but was excited to be on the end of the bench for last night's game. Corporan isn't expected to play much while he's in town, but Ken Macha's quote in regards to Jason Kendall playing every day showed a potential lack of confidence:

"It’s 15 days. He’s caught a lot of games before, so it’s not going to kill him," Macha said of Kendall, who is hitting just .169 after going 1-for-4 in Thursday’s 4-1 win. "I would prefer to give him a day off, so we’ll see how things go. He hasn’t had very good at-bats, either. … Maybe getting a streak with a bunch of games in a row is going to help his at-bats — I hope."

Earlier this week I mentioned that minor leaguer Pedro Lambertus had been placed on the suspended list but no other details were available. Today, news has come out that Lambertus was suspended after testing positive for Boldenone, an anabolic steroid used in the treatment of horses. (Also noted in FanShot) Doug Melvin expressed disappointment in Lambertus for making the mistake.

Yesterday I mentioned Bob Uecker's jokes about Twitter. Big League Stew picked up the ball and asked their Twitter followers for things Bob Uecker would say, with some pretty good results.

Ob the subject of broadcasters, yesterday was Trenni's birthday. Happy belated birthday to her. Hopefully she had a better day than the chorizo, who has been forced to take some swine flu-related precautions.

The only transaction notes I have today both involve former Brewers: the Rays signed Joe Bateman (Also noted in FanShot) and the White Sox are getting ready to call up Scott Podsednik.

If you're a major league general manager looking to make another transaction, Fire Jim Bowden has a list of nine free agent pitchers to consider, including two former Brewers.

Are the Cubs starting to experience the snowball effect? A day after losing in extra innings to the Marlins, Phil Rogers is piling on to the Cubs' offseason moves.

Here's a rule you may not have known: in the event of a sac fly, the runners can advance as soon as the ball touches a fielder, even if the fielder bobbles the ball before catching it. The rule came into play last night in Kansas City.

Oh, and if you like getting surprises in the mail, this may not be a bad idea.

Drink up.

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