Hyatt's Fantasy Baseball Mailbag: High End Disappointments, and their surprise counterparts

Every year, we draft a guy knowing he is going to be an anchor of your squad, and he then lays an egg right of the gate, and your team is in the cellar or, if you drafted astutely, middle of the pack.  Let's look at the disapointments, and guys that have, or can, pick up the slack as they chill on your bench.

C: Geovanny Soto- You want to know why the Scrubs are not running away with the division as predicted?  See exibit A.  Soto is showing no power and isn't hitting period.  Even with an early DL stint, he's still only hit one homer, and is hitting .198 so far.  He may turn it around (and did alright last week), but if you have Kurt Suzuki, Brandon Inge, and Rod Barajas, you can weather the storm just fine. 

1B: Lance Berkman- This guy has killed a lot of teams.  His average is rising from the earlier noted .161, and is back up to .223 with a hot week last week.  Russ Branyan has helped a lot of teams.  No one expects him to keep hitting over .300, but thus far, he's been great.

2B: Dan Uggla- His average hasn't ever impressed, but with only 4 homers so far (behind Mark Derosa and Mike Fontenot), his true asset has yet to produce for teams.  Aaron Hill is surprising the hell out of everyone, but Asdrubal Cabrera and his high average have carried people through.

3B: Garret Atkins- A guy that I expected big things from has just sucked all year.  3 homers from a corner guy... a guy that people thought was a steal... man don't get me started.  Thank God for Casey Blake.  His power has held the position down for a lot of teams.

SS: Jimmy Rollins- This was an obvious choice, but there have been so many disappointments here.  This was supposed to be one of the deeper positions in Fantasy.  The top rated SS is Jason Bartlett... yes, that Jason Bartlett. 

OF: Vlad- A lot of choices here, but Vlad's injury has hurt a lot of teams.  Adam Lind has rescued those teams with a high average and moderate power.

SP: Josh Beckett- Again a lot of choices, but Beckett has the Red Sox Hype machine working in his favor, and has sabotaged a lot of staffs.  The K's are still there though, so he's not a total loss. Ole' Grienke has been great, but the surprise in my mind has been Zach Duke.  Pretty much irrelevent after his rookie year, he's put himself as a top 20 pitcher.

RP: Brad Lidge- yes he's got 8 saves, but that 7.85 ERA are killing his owners.  One of the greatest peformances this year has been Jason Frasor.  His ERA is rivaling Ole' Grienke, and he's already racked up 4 Ws this season. 


Feel free to make with the questions.  I'll answer them for ya

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