Draft Pick Signings [Updated 3:30 pm on 8/15]

Bolded players have signed. I'll try to keep this updated as the season progresses; the signing deadline is August 17th. Links go to the player's scouting report. For more scouting reports and resources, check out my draft recap.

  1. RHP Eric Arnett, Indiana University

  2. OF Kentrail Davis, University of Tennessee

  3. RHP Kyle Heckathorn, Kennesaw State University

  4. OF Maxwell Walla, Albuquerque Academy (NM) HS

  5. C Cameron Garfield, Murrieta Valley (CA) HS

  6. SS Josh Prince, Tulane University

  7. RHP Brooks Hall, Hanna (SC) HS

  8. OF D'Vontrey Richardson, Florida State University

  9. RHP Hiram Burgos, Bethune-Cookman University

  10. OF Khris Davis, Cal State Fullerton

  11. OF Chad Stang, Midland (TX) CC

  12. LHP Jon Pokorny, Kent State University

  13. C Tyler Roberts, Jones County (GA) HS

  14. RHP Andre Lamontagne, Oral Roberts University

  15. RHP Rob Currie, Tusculum College

  16. 1B Sean Halton, Lewis-Clark State College

  17. 2B Mike Brownstein, University of New Mexico

  18. LHP Del Howell, University of Alabama

  19. SS Scooter Gennett, Sarasota (FL) HS

  20. RHP Tyler Cravy, Napa Valley (CA) CC

  21. LHP Caleb Thielbar, South Dakota State University

  22. OF Scott Krieger, George Mason University

  23. OF Franklin Romero, Cerro Coso (CA) CC

  24. SS Brian Vigo-Suarez, Fossil Ridge (TX) HS

  25. RHP Mike Fiers, Nova Southeastern University

  26. RHP Austin Pressley, Franklin-Monroe (OH) HS

  27. 2B Peter Fatse, University of Connecticut

  28. OF Demetrius McKelvie, East Columbus (NC) HS

  29. LHP Lex Rutledge, Tupelo (MS) HS

  30. RHP Ryan Platt, UC Riverside

  31. C Geno Escalante, Rodriguez (CA) HS

  32. OF Chandler McLaren, Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (ON) HS

  33. 2B Brandon Sizemore, College of Charleston

  34. RHP Jose Oviedo, Miami Dade (FL) CC

  35. OF Chris Ellington, Texas Christian University

  36. 3B Jacobbi McDaniel, Madison County (FL) HS

  37. RHP Mike Ojala, Rice University

  38. LHP Matt Costello, Valdosta State University

  39. LHP Josh Turley, Texas (TX) HS

  40. RHP Cullen Sexton, University of Minnesota

  41. 2B Casey Stevenson, UC Irvine

  42. RHP Brady Rodgers, Lamar Consolidated (TX) HS

  43. RHP Kyle Hansen, St. Dominic (NY) HS

  44. OF Steven Sultzbaugh, Rice University

  45. RHP Brad Schreiber, Kimberly (WI) HS

  46. 3B Kyle Dhanani, Thompson Rivers University

  47. RHP Andrew Morris, Gulf Coast CC

  48. C Richard Stock, Agoura (CA) HS

  49. RHP Jordan Wong, Vauxhall (AB) HS

  50. OF Trevor Kirk, Southern Nevada (NV) CC

  51. RHP Reynaldo Cotilla, Miami Dade (FL) CC

  52. SS J.J. Altobelli, Woodbridge (CA) HS

  53. C Darren Farmer, West Lauderdale (MS) HS
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