A pitcher to trade for

Jake Peavy

What to like:  Career 3.27 ERA and 9.0 K/9 rate.  Consistently good for a long time, and only 28.

What not to like: Pitches in a pitcher-friendly park (3.84 ERA on the road).  Hefty salary

Salary: $11M - 2009, $15M - 2010, $16M - 2011, $17M - 2012, $4M buyout for 2013

What it would take:  It would probably start with Alcides Escobar, and include Manny Parra.  The Padres are shedding and payroll, and would look for cheap, young talent exclusively.


Erik Bedard:

What to like:  2.48 ERA this year.  8.9 K/9.  Was dominant in 2007, his last year with Baltimore. Seattle GM has ties to Milwaukee

What not to like:  Injury history.  Free agent after 2009.  Might be the most sought pitcher in July.

Salary: $7.75M - 2009

What it would take:  Jack Z knows the Brewers minor leagues like the back of his hand and would likely target a top prospect or two.


Matt Cain:

What to like: 2.31 ERA (3.61ERA career).  Younger than Tim Lincecum.  Inexpensive and signed through 2011.

What not to like: Very average K/9 (6.24) and BB/9 (3.66). 2nd place Giants may not be selling.

Salary: $2.9M - 2009,  About $4M for 2010 and $6M for2011

What it would take:  Giants need hitters including a 1B.  From a position of strength, they would probably seek Prince Fielder


Javier Vazquez:

What to like: Strike throwing (11 K/9 2 BB/9) workhorse (9 straight seasons with 32+ GS) is back in the National league where he has had the most success. 

What not to like: In 5 AL years before going to Atlanta, had a very mediocre 4.52 ERA.  Is 32.  Salary

Salary: $11.5M for 2009, and $11.5M for 2010.

What it would take:  Atlanta has a surplus of pitchers with Hudson coming back.  Need hitters including outfielders.  Their good outfielder is RF Jeff Francoeur, but Corey Hart might  still be a target.  Better trade for the off season when guys can change positions.



Cliff Lee is back to his CY Young ways and Bleacher Reports think he can be had for Angel Salome or Jonathan Lucroy and others. 

Roy Oswalt could be on the move, but I can't imagine that he will be traded within the division

Brad Penny and Jarrod Washburn will be free agents at the end of the year, and both seem like they could be available at the trading deadline.





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