Brewers 9, Marlins 6

W: Seth McClung (3-1)
L: Sean West (0-1)

HR: Dan Uggla (11), Ryan Braun (10), Jorge Cantu (9)

MVP: Ryan Braun (+1.60)
LVP: J.J. Hardy (-.072)

Win Expectancy Graph

SBNation Coverage


Here's what you need to know about this one:

Braden Looper cruised through four innings of one-hit ball, throwing 18, 13, 14, and 11 pitches respectively.

The Brewers looked to cruise as well as the fifth inning went

- C. McGehee grounded out to third
- R. Braun safe at first on shortstop H. Ramirez’s fielding error
- P. Fielder singled to center, R. Braun to second
- H. Penn relieved S. West
- M. Cameron walked, R. Braun to third, P. Fielder to second
- J.J. Hardy grounded into fielder’s choice, R. Braun out at home, P. Fielder to third, M. Cameron to second
- B. Hall walked, P. Fielder scored, M. Cameron to third, J.J. Hardy to second
- J. Kendall walked, M. Cameron scored, J.J. Hardy to third, B. Hall to second
- B. Looper walked, J.J. Hardy scored, B. Hall to third, J. Kendall to second
- B. Sanches relieved H. Penn
- C. Hart safe at first on third baseman E. Bonifacio’s throwing error, B. Hall scored, J. Kendall to third, B. Looper to second
- C. McGehee doubled to deep left center, J. Kendall and B. Looper scored, C. Hart to third
- R. Braun struck out looking

So the Brewers led 9-1.

And then this happened:

- D. Uggla singled to center
- J. Baker singled to right, D. Uggla to second
- A. De Aza singled to left, D. Uggla to third, J. Baker to second
- B. Sanches singled to pitcher, D. Uggla scored, J. Baker to third, A. De Aza to second
- C. Coghlan grounded into double play second to shortstop to first, J. Baker scored, A. De Aza to third, B. Sanches out at second
- E. Bonifacio singled to left, A. De Aza scored
- H. Ramirez singled to left, E. Bonifacio to third
- J. Cantu singled to right, E. Bonifacio scored, H. Ramirez to second
- H. Ramirez to third, J. Cantu to second on wild pitch
- J. Hermida walked
- S. McClung relieved B. Looper
- D. Uggla struck out looking

Looper threw 45 pitches and was unable to get out of the inning.

In total, the fifth inning featured 10 runs and 21 batters and took 51 minutes.

Despite all that, the Brewers hung on, Trevor stayed perfect and it was Milwaukee's first win in Miami since April 2007.

Edit: Also check out the first game thread for the BCB poetry slam of Bill Hall

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