The BCB Fantasy Football League and end game Fantasy Baseball strategy

The BCB is in full swing and we do have at least 2 spots left (up to 4 or 6 depending on what people want).  There are rules to the league.  It is a high scoring league with Point Per Reception rules.  The main rule for the league is that your team name must be offensive.  Some examples from the league:

Steve Dirt McNair

BigBen Rothlisraper

Plaxies' got a gun

Let Me See Your TDs


Names are subject to review by the commish to be deemed appropriate.

If you enjoy playing games superimposed on your second favorite sport (save our beloved baseball), have a team name that would make your bar buddies or spouses look at you and say, "dude, c'mon," and can talk trash with the best of them, feel free to sign up. 

Yahoo! League ID: 662914
Password: braun


On to another game superimposed on your favorite sport.  The key to the end game in Fantasy Baseball is prospect call ups.  I'm not talking the good teams to check who's going to rest the main guys by spelling the starters.  I'm talking about the guys on bad teams auditioning for starting jobs.  Here are a few guys you might want to check out.

I have the need.  The need... For Speed!!!

Julio Barbon was supposed to be just a roster stop gap until Nelson Cruz got off the DL.  Then he went off and stole 8 bases in 8 attempts and is hitting an unsustainable but awesome .432 in his 33 PAs.  He's going to be getting his playing time off his hot start.

Eric Young Jr is going to get called up as well.  Lil EY has stolen 56 bases in 70 attempts down at Colorado springs this year, and will be able to give you 6-10 more by the end of the year for the Rockies.  Barmes is hitting .261 with 20 jacks, but Lil EYs speed should be too tantalizing to not try.

Drew Stubbs just got called up.  He's got great speed too with 48 thefts in 56 attempts.  The Reds have nothing to play for, so they installed Stubbs in center.  He's gotten off to a rough start going just 2 for his first 17 (though both have been XBH).  He's not going to hit for a high average, but he will get you a good 5-8 SBs to finish the year... if he doesn't get in Dusty's dog house first.

It's the POWER of love!!!

Kyle Blanks has been up for about 2 months now, and has jacked 9 homers so far.  He's in San Diego which doesn't help, but 9 homers in 50 games isn't half bad.  You can get another 5-8 homers out of him for the rest of the year.

Matt LaPorta and Travis Snider also just got called up.  And they will go yard for you as well. 

I'll cover pitching callups in another installment

Anyway, sign up for the league and feel free to fire off some questions.

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