This Week in Twitter (T.W.I.T.): The Prince Fielder edition

After a five game wait, Prince Fielder picked up his 127th RBI last night with an eighth inning sac fly, setting a new franchise record. He accomplished the feat while previous record holder Cecil Cooper looked on from the Astros dugout. Cooper wasn't the only one looking on, though: Across Twitter, dozens of people have chimed in to share their excitement and offer congratulations. Here are a few of them:

First, Adam McCalvy set the stage:

@AdamMcCalvy Think Prince Fielder isn't thinking about the #Brewers' RBI record? Think again. Did a little hop when he saw the runner held at 3B there.

Then, the congratulations flowed freely:

@Corky1961 Prince freaking Fielder. You da man!! #brewers

@Mike_Sweeney_ Congrats to Prince Fielder on breaking the milwaukee brewers single season RBI record!

@silver7998 WTG Prince Fielder for a new Milwaukee Brewers RBI TEAM RECORD!!!! WTG!!

@ChelseaTay #Untuckem! And way to go Prince Fielder! :)

@down24 Congrats to Prince Fielder on setting #Brewers single season RBI record. And kudos for giving props to Coop during your curtain call.

For some, the celebrating bordered on TMI:

@dalionqn Prince Fielder? I'd hit it ;)

And for some, it was just part of a schizophrenic explosion:

@ErinVruwink Woooooo....Go Packers!!!!!!111 Prince Fielder Brewers RBI recod in a single season! I hate Brett Favre...I hate the Viking.....screw them!

But for those who were there, it was a special moment:

@michaelplacko just saw prince fielder set the brewers franchise record for rbi's in a season with a sac fly for his 127th of the year

@trapordie87 Can my life get any more perfect? i get to see prince fielder set history and tomorrow going to the packer game

@rjansen3 Also, I got to see Prince Fielder break the Brewers franchise record for most RBIs in a single season.

@chrisguse Witnessed Prince Fielder break the Brewer's RBI record in person at Miller Park!

Prince Fielder doesn't Twitter, but Tom Haudricourt had his reaction after the game:

@Haudricourt Prince Fielder, after setting club RBI record: "It's about time. I was getting frustrated." Had no RBI for 5 games and 1 over last 9 games.

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