***UPDATE*** BCB Week 7 Fantasy Review: The week where your bench gets inside your Cabeza

MY NAME IS CHANG!!! I CAN NEVER BE KILLED!!! (if you arent watching Community, you need to start, if for nothing else than Alison Brie).

This is one of those weeks in Fantasy where you look at your bench and say, why the hell did I start Michael Craptree (misspelling intentional) instead of that guy?!?  Specifically speaking, I usually feel nothing but BWAHAHAHAHAHA for teams where it's really bad, like one guy who goes off for half his starter's output, but we need to pray for Cinci's Work Release Program.  Not only did he have Kenny Britt on the bench, but he ALSO had Darren McFadden on there as well.  I seriously thought I would be one of the few commishs that had a fantasy related suicide on my hands.  I really hope Nicole does not take offense to this, but I'm rooting for Jason Witten to keep the blood off my hands.

Then again, if Witten doesn't make his 5, I recommend something memorable.  That way you won't be "fantasy football" suicide guy, you'll be "swallowed a claymore mine" suicide guy.  Go out with gusto my man. 

As for my squads, Wes Welker got shut down by San Diego, which is understandable, but not good enough.  Seriously, you have one week left, then your Tobey McGwire/Chris Pine hybrid look a like ass is headed to the bench.  And a word to the Ravens.  Any time Buffalo scores on you, let alone 34 points, you are doing it wrong.  Ray, you may need to run away from another double murder to inspire this squad.

On to Games Still Up in the Air and Team of the week Race

In the first league, the closest game is a 31 point margin, so nothing really talk about there.  Though Ed's Chapstick and Steve BreastonPlants are fighting it out for last place this week, each with one guy to go.  It's really anyone's race.  In League 2, The Oooz has a 6 point lead with Bradshaw and Austin left over the Drank who has Roy Williams and the Giants D.  The Post Prom Party needs 14 points from Brandon Jacobs to overtake the Party Favres.  Chris Henry's Moving Truck has 8 points to make up with Hakeem Nicks going to catch up with SJM who has Steve Smith.  And lastly, Cinci's Work Release Party needs 5 from Witten or it's Hari Kari to get Somewhere Over Dewayne Bowe.

As for Team of the Week, currently my Gulf Coast Oilers and Stop Being Such a Kuhnt are tied at 113, but a lot of teams have a shot at overtaking us.  Meiz is sitting at 106 with Romo going tonight.  Right behind him at 105 is Chmura's Hot Tub Crime Machine at 105 with Witten still to go. And with 104, the 23rd Ranked Wheezing Haynesworths have Miles Austin left.  Should be quite the finish.

***UPDATE***  Well we don't have to worry about suicide this week, though Michael M just might after not doubting my prescience.  Anyway.  Here are the power ranks.  I'm going to get into the SJM 5 win phenomena in the preview for next week, but it just goes to show how much matchups dictate performance, similar to why the Chiefs will win the AFC West, as predicted by me on the Enrico_Palazzo_ twitter feed before the season started. Doubt me?  Here's the Link.  Damn, I'm good.  This week's Team of the week goes to Mark Chmura's Hot Tub Crime Machine.  The Oooz is still number 1, but the undefeated Rock Out with your Crocs Out is just 2 power points behind him. 

Feel free to post your hate below. 

Rank Team Name Week 7 Total Points Wins Wk 7 Power Total Power Points
1 Big Ben's Pre-Spoog Oooz 98 811 6 15 131
2 Rock out with your Crocs out 113 746 7 21 129
3 Stop Being Such a Kuhnt 113 661 5 21 108
4 It's my Vick in a box 94 662 4 14 101.5
5 Somewhere Over Dewayne Bowe 77 644 4 6 100
6 Lawrence Taylor's After School Special 109 694 5 18 96
7 Dez My Momma's Corner 99 621 3 16 95.5
8 Chris Henry's Moving Truck 86 661 3 9 95.5
9 Cinci's Work Release Program 88 629 4 11.5 92.5
10 Steve Breastonplants 53 617 5 1 90
11 Mark Chamura's Hot Tub Crime Machine 120 619 4 23 89.5
12 Najeh's Closet 72 607 3 5 85.5
13 Steve McNair's Shotgun Offence 83 602 4 8 79.5
14 Gulf Coast Oilers 113 595 2 21 78
15 Mark Chamura's Post Prom Party 87 545 2 10 71.5
16 Party Favres 89 566 3 13 69.5
17 PATs what she said 65 567 3 3 69
18 Charlie's Got Wood, Son! 67 558 3 4 68
19 Backfield Penetration 110 557 2 19 64.5
20 Ed Werder's Chapstick 58 546 2 2 60.5
21 Purple Drank Makes Me Jolly 78 495 3 7 47.5
22 The Wheezing Haynesworths 107 499 1 17 44.5
23 Sacking Joe Morgan 88 469 5 11.5 40.5
24 Addai in Your Sleep 52 427 1 0 25
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