Quotes from Zack Greinke's introductory press conference

Thanks to Colin Fly for passing along his transcript from today. Here are some of Greinke's more notable quotes:

On including Milwaukee on his no-trade list:

Well, I mean, we put that list together pretty fast and the way I was kind of thinking about it at the time, is Prince, who is a very good player, knew he just had one year left and didn’t know if they were planning on trading him or what the plan of Milwaukee was this offseason. I kind of wanted to see if they were going to try to restock a little bit, it wouldn’t have been one of my first choices. But when they decided to keep Prince and traded for Marcum, it ended up, I would’ve put them in the Top three teams I wanted to get traded to. And you could always change It one way, you can always change it to put them on, you can’t change it to take them off.

On finding out he was coming to Milwaukee:

For me, it was great. When I found out about it, I told my wife, it was probably the happiest I’ve been 10 years ago since I was drafted in baseball. I was happy when we got married, too. That was the other Top 3.

On what he knows about the Brewers:

Not a ton, I know that they’ve got some really good offense on the team and they seem to have like an attitude about them, and I kind of like that. And Kendall came over to Kansas City from this place and he was great for our team. I’m assuming that he got some of his attitude from being in this organization.

On his connection to Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder:

No, I haven’t talked to anyone. It’s kind of cool, I see Rickie, he lives in Orlando and I live in Orlando. I see him probably once or twice every offseason and usually it’s the other way, I’ve been trying to get the Royals to trade for him for a couple of years and always, always thought we’d end up playing together because we live like 5 minutes from each other, but never really ended up playing together and so it’s kind of cool it’s going to happen that way. Played with Prince a couple of times too, he lives in Orlando, also.

On the Brewers' World Series chances:

Not really thinking that big because the division’s still pretty tough. I’m sure the other teams are good too, but St. Louis and Cincinnati are really good teams and I don’t know, it’ll be tough just to get there, so if you’re not first place, you’ve got to win the Wild Card. That’s probably tough, too.  I don’t have much playoff experience, so I don’t know how it all works. I’m just hoping to get there first.

On hitting:

That’s a big plus. I’ve always wanted to be in the National League for that reason. It’s just fun, got to hit in Atlanta last year and got to break up a double play at second. It’s just more fun playing that way.

Thanks again to Colin (@cfly) for sharing notes with us.

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