Updated Roster and Payroll Prediction (12/21/2010)



Well, its about that time.  This year, I've borrowed the format from tcyoung's 2010 Google Doc, and imported the data from Cot's right into it.  I'll keep this post updated as arb figures come in, and as players are signed in the off-season.

EDIT (12/29/2010): Added Saito, removed Capuano.  Estimated Saito's pay at $1.9 until its released publicly. 

EDIT (12/18/2010): I'll put the actual arb figure in parentheses as soon as they're released.  Also updated minimum guys to $414k per MLB announcement.

The Good Stuff:

C - Jonathan Lucroy - $425k
C - Wil Nieves - $775k
1B - Prince Fielder - $14M (arb 3)
2B - Rickie Weeks - $4.5M (arb 3) 
SS - Yuniesky Betancourt - $4M
3B - Casey McGehee - $450k
IF -  Craig Counsell - $1.4M
IF - Mat Gamel - $414k
LF - Ryan Braun - $4.288M
CF - Carlos Gomez - $1.75M (arb 2) ($1.5M)
RF - Corey Hart - $6.833M 
OF - Brandon Boggs - $ 
OF - Chris Dickerson - $414k

SP - Zack Greinke - $13.5M
SP - Yovani Gallardo - $3.5M
SP - Shaun Marcum - $4.5M (arb 2)
SP - Randy Wolf - $9.5M
SP - Chris Narveson - $414k

LR - Manny Parra - $2.5M (arb 1)

RP - LaTroy Hawkins - $4.50M
RP - John Axford - $450k
RP - Kameron Loe - $1.75M (arb 1)
RP - Mark Rogers - $414k
RP - Zach Braddock - $414k
RP - Takashi Saito- $1.9M (12/29--guessing on salary, McCalvy says less than $2M base)
RP - 

2011 commitments to others:

Trevor Hoffman (option buyout): $750k

David Riske (option buyout): $250k

Jeff Suppan (option buyout): $2M

Gregg Zaun (option buyout): $250k

Doug Davis (option buyout): $1M

Cash from Royals: -$2M

Cash from Mariners: -$1M

Total 2011 Payroll commitments: $83.716M


  • The Brewers appear to need two Starting Pitchers, if Chris Narveson is guaranteed a job, and with Chris Capuano likely filling in a LR/SP6 role.
  • I have both Mat Gamel and Casey McGehee on the roster.  That is clearly subject to change.
  • I have Joe Inglett being re-signed as a utility IF/OF guy.  He's cheap, and he out-performed The Deity this year.
  • I have Lorenzo Cain slated in at starting CF with Carlos Gomez and C-Dick on the bench as reserves.
  • There are (with Capuano) three lefties in this bullpen.  I'm not sure if there are better options than what is listed, however.  I believe Todd Coffey will probably be non-tendered.
  • Someone else may find the Klottaras this season after he is released.  Until then, he's on this roster.
  • I think Prince Fielder will net around $14MM in his final arb year.  Of course, who knows if that will even matter to the Brewers.
  •  I forgot Kameron Loe.  As such, I removed Jeffress from the 'pen.
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