Fridays Frosty Mug

Shown here: The only Brewer who hasn't reported for camp yet.

Some things to read well realizing what great pets dogs are.

Kyle is off for the day, so instead all you awesome Brewer fans get to spend in extra day with me, your loyal weekend editor (for this particular weekend).  I know how exciting that is, so go ahead and catch your breath and let's get started!

I know that we have had discussions about manager Ken Macha around these parts, specifically relating to how long we think he might keep his position with the BrewersAccording to Tom H, one thing Macha is working on improving this season is his demeanor with players.  Also noted in that article is the fact that Alcides Escobar is the only player who hasn't reported to camp yet, though Tom says the Brewers "aren't unhappy." Adam McCalvy notes that Prince Fielder and Luis Cruz arrived yesterday, and Escobar should be reporting sometime today.

Unfortunately, Logan Schafer won't make it to the Major League camp this year because of injury.  Last years Organizational Player of the Year hurt his groin badly enough yesterday that it will cause him to miss 2-3 weeks which, according to Gord Ash, would have been around the time Schafer would probably be cut.

Other notes from Brewers spring training:

  • A cliche "Player Coming Back From Injury"/"Trying to Live Up to Potential" story on the official site.  Guess who it's about.
  • That of course must be followed by the standard story of a players relationship with his father, this one about Corey Hart.
  • Speaking of them, In-Between Hops finds that 17.5% of one of Tom H's blog posts is nothing but cliches.
  • Brewers! Brewers! Keep Turning Up the Heat! takes a look at the battle for third base between Casey McGehee and Mat Gamel.
  • Tom H. notes that, if needed, Jim Edmonds will be given the chance to be the Crew's back-up first baseman.  Prince Fielder played all but four innings at the position last year, with McGehee being the back-up.
  • And Witrado basically just rambles about how Carlos Gomez's bat speed is too fast. 
  • Other than BrewCrewBall, Miller Park Drunk is my favorite Brewers blog.  And it's about to get even better as they are starting "a regular feature making fun of A-dub".  In yesterday's installment, he takes apart the aforementioned Witrado article.  If nothing else, I implore you to please click that link for the picture of A-Dubs. 

    Around the Majors:
    Rangers:  Voided Khalil Greene's contract.
    Rays: Have tabled contract discussions with Carl Crawford until after the season.
    Nationals: Have signed Rafael Martin

    That twitter account under the name of Ozzie Guillen has certainly had the internet buzzing.  Rumors were that it was actually his son who was doing the updates, but I guess it is the White Sox manager himself as Guillen discussed the hoopla it has caused.

    Biz of Baseball reports that the MLB saw a record $6.6 Billion dollars in revenue last year, which sets a new record for the league despite the shaky economy.

    That's all for today.  That is, unless you are looking for a room to rent.

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