The Weekend Mug

Something to read while trying to enhance your chances.

It's been a good weekend for the Brewers thus far, as they beat the Cubs Friday afternoon, and defeated both the Rockies and White Sox Saturday.

The big news this weekend, of course, is Hernan Iribarren was claimed off waivers by the Texas Rangers. (Fanshot)  Tom H has Doug Melvins reasoning behind putting Iribarren on waivers so early in Spring Training. I'm disappointed that Iribarren is leaving, but am relieved that I don't have to remember how to spell Irribarren Irabarren Irabarin Iribarren anymore

That news originally broke from battlekow over at along with news that Rule 5 pick Chuck Lofgren had been offered back to the Indians.  Until Saturday, we had been waiting for a couple days for confirmation of either news as both players were still participating in Spring Training games.  Now, we are still unsure whether the Lofgren rumor is true. Doug Melvin won't comment on the rumor at all.  Meanwhile, the JS still ran a profile on Lofgren, which is basically just another ST puff piece.

We're still getting plenty of stories on  Rick Peterson, as well.  This weekend, we can read MLB Fanhouses piece profiling the new pitching coach, which is pretty much the same as most Peterson pieces you have probably seen.  Or you can read a McCalvy article on how Peterson is particularly helping Manny Parra.  It's interesting that with his well-documented struggles last year Parra was considering getting help from Peterson prior to him joining the Brewers. 

By now, most of you have probably heard that Ryan Braun will be opening a restaurant in Milwaukee.  However, if you want to work there, you need to be good-looking.  Miller Park Drunk, as only he can, breaks down the help-wanted ad.

In other small-enough-not-to-merit-their-own-paragraph Brewers news:

Elsewhere around the Majors:
Red Sox: Top prospect Ryan Westmoreland needs brain surgery for a "cavernous malformation".  Scary stuff.  I hope things turn out OK for the guy.
Twins: Signed Denard Span to a five-year deal, buying out all of his arbitration years with an option that would cover his first free-agency year
Rangers: Ian Kinsler will miss a week with a high ankle sprain
Dodgers: Third Base Coach Larry Bowa was rushed to the hospital Friday with stomach pains.  I haven't heard any updates yet.  If anyone has, please inform.
Astros: Lance Berkman needs knee surgery and could miss opening day

That's all for this weekend, unless you still haven't found a way to get a leg up on the competition.

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