I Propose a Change of a Different Kind

While everyone is talking about  "Get Rid of Macha" or "Get Rid of Melvin," I thought I would talk about something that has been an ignored problem for much longer: the complete inepititude of Bill Schroeder, the Brewers Television Color Guy.

For years now, I have been sick and tired of the Brewers Television "staple" Bill Schroeder.  It really amazes me that he even got the job to begin with, much less has kept it for as long as he has. I am embarrassed that he is permanently a part of our team's history as he continues to do our broadcasts year after year.

At the time Schroeder was brought on board some changes were made to the booth as Rory Markas went out West to bigger and better things. Del Crandall was no longer doing the broadcasts because he is just old. Jim Paschke went on to become a Bucks Broadcaster. If you fast forward to now, I have a whole list of names who I think would be informative, insightful and entertaining in the booth. That list includes: B.J. Surhoff, Steve Sparks, Daryl Hamilton, Jeff Cirillo, Greg Vaughn, Paul Wagner, Gorman Thomas, Mike Dejean, Jim "Frenchie" Lefebvre, Damian Miller, Bob Wickman and Jerry Royster.

People like Royster or Dejean (not together in the same booth people) would probably not be the most popular with fans, but I guarantee you they would have a lot of stories to tell and they know the game. The others are generally like by Brewer Nation and they actually are recognizable and maybe even embraced.

What I get a kick out of is that one of the bios I read on "Rock" is that he had a "distinguished playing career." Don't let him fool you folks. You play 15 years in the bigs and start everyday but don't put up the numbers to be a Hall of Famer, and then MAYBE you could call your career distinguished. "Rock" does not fall into that category. He would like you to think so though, and takes every opportunity to talk about old teammates, like Wally Joyner, saying" well back when I played in Anaheim...." How many people watch the game so they can hear about Rock's teammates? People like Orel Hershiser and Troy Aikman are good color analysts because if they do actually talk about their playing days, it is actually relevant to something or somewhat interesting. Sorry Rock that is not you.


On top of his overall suckiness, he really doesn't have a clue what is going on. In a recent game, I heard him say the bases were loaded when there were only two runners on base. I also have heard him refer to Venezuela as a "hometown" for a Dodgers pitcher. His two biggest phrases when talking are "I have no idea..." or  "I am not sure..."

Recent examples of this include "I have no idea what they will do if Suppan is injured," when Suppan got hit on the ankle with a ball. Um instead of saying that Rock, you could say, "Well if Suppan gets hurt there aren't a lot of options in the pen right now." At least you would make yourself sound smarter. My favorite line from this season was "I am not sure why there is a meeting on the mound right now." This was when Doug Davis was at the plate with two runners on base. Um Rock, they are discussing the alignment of the infield and how to play the bunt. I can't believe you can't figure that out. You are a former catcher right? And you don't know why a meeting on the mound is taking place? And you decide to broadcast that?

In addition to being a moron and sounding bad while not knowing what is going on and constantly talking about his meaningless playing career, he really seems to be talking with almost no emotion in his delivery. I could not get over how scripted he sounded when he said that he knows Uecker will come through his surgery with flying colors. It sounded so fake and just not genuine. He certainly does not focus on sounding like he likes his job. If anything he takes it for granted. Evidence of this can be seen nightly when the broadcast opens up. Just watch the way he presents himself. Its kinda like, "da da da, ok and now we move onto the 2nd inning, da, da, da." All of it really has a "going through the motions type of approach. His biggest crutch is  "yeah ordinarily..." and then he incessantly rambles without emotion about something else nobody cares about.

All I am saying is that I know we are a small market, but we can do much better in this aspect. There are people out there with Brewer ties who not only would do better, but deserve this job more than Bill does. Let's hope a change is made after the season.

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