We Destroyed the Cubs, Fantasy Football Update

Here's who is in BCB League 1, the First League Drafting Sunday August 29th at Noon Central :

  1. Hyatt (Lawrence Taylor's After School Special)
  2. Michael M (Charlie's Got Wood Son)
  3. Nullacct (PATs What She Said)
  4. Dikembe Meiztumbo (nothing submitted, but clear winner last year)
  5. Brew Town Boozer (not approved yet)
  6. Zorakathura (Mark Chamura's Hot Tub Crime Machine *leader in the clubhouse)
  7. cwolf (Let's Get a Tebortion)
  8. tcyoung (Stop being Such A Kuhnt)
  9. Cheezeconqueso (It's my Vick in a box)
  10. dickie_thon (Steve Breastonplants)
  11. Jarlbartar (Backfield Penetration)
  12. Olyknows (The Wheezing Haynesworths)

Here's who is in BCB League 2, Electric Boogaloo Draft Sunday August 29th at 4 CST:

  1. Hyatt (Gulf Coast Oilers, could change)
  2. JEO (Purple Drank Makes Me Jolly)
  3. NoahJ (Steve McNair's Shotgun Offence)
  4. Rendezvous (Party Favres)
  5. MadTown Tim (Big Ben’s Pre-Spoog Ooz)
  6. Masondollo (Cincinatti’s Work Release Program)
  7. Fatter than Joey (Najeh's Closet)
  8. Prentice (not approved yet)
  9. drezdn (Chris Henry's Moving Truck)
  10. BigDogg2002 (nothing submitted)
  11. roguejim (nothing submitted)
  12. Nicole Haase (Somwhere Over DeWayne Bowe)

This is perfect for me to commish two leagues.  Standard scoring really.  1 point for 25 yards passing/10 yards rushing and receiving.  4 points Passing TDs, 6 points rushing/receiving TDs.  6 Points for Defensive TDs, 2 Points for Def INT and Fumbles, -2 points for QB INTs or Offensive Fumbles.  Def Pts Allowed Bonuses: 20 points for shutout, 10 for 3 or less, 5 for 4-13, -5 for >27-34, -10 for >34

If a third league wants to come in, I'd need 11 more people.  So if you want in, sign up below.  I'll start another league with 11 more. 

Also, if your team name is not approved (Meiz, Jim, BigDogg, and Prentice), please submit something ASAP.  I've been tweeting some good names at the link in the comments.  If you can't make your draft, then find someone to draft for you b/c ESPN does not allow me to change draft times.  You could switch with someone in the other league.

I need emails, so email me yours at so I can get the invite out.

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