Photoshop 4

I'll use my minimum requirement of 75 words in the preamble to request suggestions for the name of this series of fanshots.  The title is kind of bland, and I'm much better with pictures than wordses.  Post a suggestion if you have one please.

Also, people have had questions for when and why some images were done, so on suggestion I tried to dig back through the thread history a little and provide some context where I could for most of the pictures came from.

Previous archive is here.

Just a shot of Macha reliving his old navy days.  Can't find the original reference, sorry.


This one first appeared in this frosty mug, sort of out of the blue... it marks the official beginning of me being obsessed with the media hype over the upcoming trade deadline.  At this point the speculation was mostly about Prince, but rumors of Hart being on the block soon came to the front.  Worrying about which players were headed where sapped a lot of creative energy this month.


Mykenk said he was headed to the game, and challenged us to find him.  We figured we should just look around for the grumpiest guy we could find.

Vigoda_medium   Pagoda_medium  

The original reference to Corey Hart stealing Braun's mojo is here.  The mojo still hasn't been returned, and Braun is mired in a half-season slump.


Does it make you homery, baby?


But mojo-less Braun gets his inspirational graphic anyway.


I don't remember why we were talking about it, but speculating that Narveson was going to be sent down to the farm.


Again, obsessed with the speculation that Melvin was going to have a fire sale.


And then we all saw that ad that Melvin put in the Sunday paper... shameless!  ;)


Just a quick pick-me-up graphic.  Who doesn't smile thinking about LaRussa being pulled over?


Ben Sheets getting Tommy John 2.0 surgery


Per Brewer management, we're not out of the race yet!


The trade deadline came and went, and nothing happened.  Someday Melvin's going to run out of track.


This one never got posted.  I'll get inspired and make a photoshop for a guy who's really hot, then queue it up for a big play... and it never happens.  So I've decided to stop doing that in case I'm jinxing players, so now I'm going to make celebratory graphics in advance regardless of how they're doing and just use 'em when the time is right.  Weeks specifically needs some rally graphics, so far the only thing cliche about him was his tendency to get hurt, and that's not fun.  If you have suggestions post 'em!


One of a few graphics celebrating Sveum's impromptu interview crashing.


Opening the series against the Cubs.


I love the Brewers, all of them.  I wonder sometimes if any of them have ever come here to read our crap, and if they do I hope that the mocking I occasionally show them is just amusement.  Even Macha... well, maybe not him.  But here I gathered them up for one big photoshop team photo.


This one was also never used.  Axford's quality is practically guaranteed.  Is it real, or is it MemorAx?


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