Prognostikeggers NLCS Summary

The Brewers postseason is over. With that, the season of Prognostikeggers has come to an end.

To finish up the season with the NLCS, guayzimi finished with the win. It was a convincing win, as he finished with six points more than the three-way tie of Capt Science, Dulzy, and GoldenFrank. He scored at least one point a day, and at least four points in five of the six days. That was more than enough to get the win.

I hope you all enjoyed this season of Prognostikeggers. Congratulations to all of the winners this year, and thank you everyone for participating in the competition. This wouldn't have been possible without your daily predictions and participation. It's time to relax a little. I'll be around during the offseason, probably writing something here and there. Check back next spring for a new season. Enjoy the offseason, and we will see you around.

NLCS Top 5

Rank User Name NLCS Total
1 guayzimi 32
T2 Capt Science 26
T2 Dulzy 26
T2 GoldenFrank 26
5 badgerman59 21

NLDS Top 5

Rank User Name NLDS Total
T1 Capt Science 29
T1 SCBrewer 29
T3 dikapalooza 21
T3 Dulzy 21
T3 GoldenFrank 21

Regular Season Top 5

Rank User Name Points
1 Dulzy 124
2 icecreamman 119
3 thefreewheelin76 117
4 MrLeam 115
5 texwestern 113

Playoffs Top 5

Place User Name
1 jimf
2 icecreamman
3 jarlbartar
4 Dulzy
5 proachinf

Regular Season Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6
Week 7
Dulzy, Kid19
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11

Check below the jump for a breakdown of the NLCS Game 6 scoring.

Scoring Summary

NLCS Game 6: 43,926 - 2 People

Brewers Runs
NLCS Game 6: 6 Runs - 2 People

Brewers Hits
NLCS Game 6: 7 Hits - 1 Person

Brewers Errors
NLCS Game 6: 3 Errors - 0 People

Brewers Line Score Bonus
NLCS Game 6: 0 People

Cardinals Runs
NLCS Game 6: 12 Runs - 0 People

Cardinals Hits
NLCS Game 6: 14 Hits - 0 People

Cardinals Errors
NLCS Game 6: 0 Errors - 4 People

Cardinals Line Score Bonus
NLCS Game 6: 0 People

NLCS Game 6: Joanthan Lucroy - 1 Person

Sausage Race
NLCS Game 6: Italian - 5 People

Extra Prediction
NLCS Game 6: 21 Pitches - 0 People

Bonus Predictions
NLCS Game 6
Dulzy - Lucroy HR - 3 Points
Capt Science - 4 Home Runs in Game - 3 Points
badgerman59 - Weeks HR - 2 Points

Game Results

Click here to view results for NLCS Game 6

Scoring key in Reults

Light Blue - 1 Point
Medium Blue - 2 Points
Dark Blue - 3 Points
Black - 4 Points
Gold - 5 Points

Red - Correct bonus prediction that is worth 0 Points

NLCS Scoring

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