BCB Week 4 Fantasy Football Preview/Open Thread

The MLB Scheduling gods screwed us today.  Because the Eagles have a game in Philly in the same area as the Phillies ballpark, we are forced to DVR the Packer game so we can watch the Brewers game in its entirety.  I feel slighted, and will be writing Bud to express my dual citizenship of both Brewer and Packer fan nation, and how I shouldn't have to use the greatest invention since air conditioning.  Anyway, let's preview.  It'll be brief like last week, except where I feel commentary is necessary.


BCB Swansons

Hyatt's You had me at Meat Tornado v. MichaelM's Josh Bidwell is 1 testy punter (Michael -23)- Santonio will only get 3?  Sure espin...

Zorakathura's I wanna use your lovie tonight v. TwoShoesMagooze (Magooze -25)- I would say this line was completely ridiculous if Zora wasn't starting a SF backup RB (be sure to make sure Gore is inactive) and a hurt Beanie Wells.

JEO's Come On Hakeem v. BrewTownBoozer's I Just Called To Say Fuck You (boozer -5)- That line skyrockets if Chris Johnson can't produce again, which he won't.

Officer Jim Lahey's King of the Rats v. MrLeam's Put Something Offensive Here (Leam -13)- I'm calling for the upset here soley because Jim benched his Carolina RB. A smart move will pay off.

TAPmoney's Clay with My Balls v. AndrewHeidke's Orange Crush (TAP -37)- Hey, want to overcome a receiving corps led by Djax in a down year? TAP is putting on a clinic on how to do that, with 3 of the top 4 scoring RBs in fantasy.  

Nullacct's Suh Mack Hawk v. DoubleB440s Tramon Eileen (B440 -5)- Nullact has to choose a NYJ RB to go with and hope he can get something from his flex.  

BCB Kriegers

Hyatt's Cutler's Pottery Barn Gift Receipt v. icecreamman's Ice Cold Bruschis (Icecreamman -12)- Tough call for me this week.  Do I go with AJ Green where I know they'll need to throw the ball a ton or Brandon Lloyd where Denver plans to use Tebow a lot more. This decision will win or lose me the week. Oh, and that Rivers/Vick thing.  BTW, anyone want Rivers or Vick for a WR?  Send me offers

RyanSmith's Jay Cutler's kneegina v. Tcyoung And That's How You Get Grants (Ryan -10)- This game comes down to CJ2K v. Beanie.  

Tepo6688's Using Your Head w/ James Harrison v. Fiesta's Afterlife Aquatic w. Bin Laden (Tepo -11)- Tepo traderaped me in hindsight getting Mendenhall off me for Vick.  Tepo's team could really take off if I'm wrong about Djax.

PJPaulus' Armageddon Day v. Masondolo's Dexter's Viking Adventure (PJ -11)- Mason has too good of a team in my estimation to be 1-2.  Pj;s team is too good to be winless.  One of these teams will turn it around, and the other will be in a big hole.  PJ needs this more though.

Jarlbartar's Mississippi Dongslingers v. Rendezvous' All The Bacon and Eggs You Have (Vous -16)- for Jarl, Frank Gore is playing, but not starting.  That's why the line is as it is, but it should be a higher scoring matchup.

Noahj's Kuhn Tang Klan ANTFW v. Drzden's Mendenhall's OBL Fan Club (drzden -4)- just a hunch on this.  PSSSSSTTT... Noah... If you start Devery Henderson over Mark Ingram, you will win.

BCB Archers

Hyatt's Cromartie's Foster Kid Emporium v. TexWestern's Rock Me Abbrederis (Hyatt -8)- This is my best team, although it only matters if Arian comes through.  Tex has a tough squad, and Colston is back hurting Lance Moore's production.

Trippingandy's Gary Glitter's U-16 v. shmita91's Earnest Goes To Kampman (shmit -18)- Andy is starting Deangelo.  That's why he'll lose.

golfallday's Gilbert Brown's Manssierre v. Yar Nivek's I WILL DESTROY HER (Yar -5)- Just about everything Kevin does cracks me up, including strating Erik Decker over Brandon Lloyd.  Golf has a good shot, but I'm pretty sure he'd be better off if he started McCluster over one of his receivers.  Just a hunch I have.

Meiz's Hyatt's Wife and My Kids v. Cheezconqueso's I wanna Rex You Up (Cheez -5)- The reason Meiz is down is his flex position.  Nate Burleson will cost you wins.

Saltire's Pippa Middleton's Hypnotic A$$ v. LosinCatmansLove's Day Drinkin with Mike Vrabel (Push)- Saltire came back to earth last week, and is now even money with catman's 0-3 squad.  Injuries suck sometimes.

JP's Indianapolis Steakhouse v. TheBrouhaha's Drop it Like it's hot ft. James Jones (Brouhaha -1)- if the Brouhaha could get a 2nd rb, he'd be dangerous.  

Enjoy the early games, the first hour of the packer game, and then the night game tonight.

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