The Year in Video Highlights, Part 2: June/July

To recap, I'm putting together a handy index of all the most memorable homeruns, pitching performances, plays, and moments of the Crew's 2011 season so that we can relive the happy parts of this special year. I know it seems like weird timing for this installment, the day after the World Series ended in tragic fashion, but Kyle and I are scheduling these for Saturday and that's just how it worked out. Maybe this'll be therapeutic for some of us somehow.

As always, feel free to point out any highlights that I missed! Here's the archive I'm working from.

Re-visit Part 1: April/May here.

June 3, 2011: Brewers 6, Marlins 5

Braunie with a PH 2-run clout in the 9th to take a 6-5 lead
Down 5-4 in the top of the 9th, Braun comes off the bench and LAUNCHES a Mike Stanton-esque 2-run homer to left. Love the crack of the bat as picked up by the hot stadium mic, and the "yeah, I'm good" bat flip

June 7, 2011: Mets 2, Brewers 1

Carlos Gomez with the 1st of 2 great catches
Yeah we lost the game, but Go-Go did all he could to keep it close

Go-Go robs Beltran
Marco Estrada can't believe it

June 8, 2011: Brewers 7, Mets 6

Nyjer's go-ahead-- wait, OMG WALKOFF DOUBLE
The Crew had given up 5 runs to the Mets in the top of the 8th, only to score 4 in the bottom of the 8th to tie it at 6-6, capped by Prince's 2-run bomb. Apparently all this action was too much for Nyjer to keep track of, but it's all good, as long as we win right

Ahhhhhh gotta go
Plush's coming out party

June 10, 2011: Brewers 8, Cardinals 0

Counsell's awesome slide on a squeeze
Just a great slide, that's all. Probably trumped by Hairston's slide in the NLCS, but anyway

June 12, 2011: Brewers 4, Cardinals 3

Gomez hangs on
Another great catch, protecting a 4-3 lead in the 9th

July 2, 2011: Brewers 8, Twins 7

Nyjer's 2-run double ties it at 7 in the 9th
Down 7-0 to the Twins after 4 innings, the Crew mounts the comeback of the year. Plush had a tremendous game - btw it was his birthday - and here he hits a clutch game-tying double with 2 outs in the 9th

Kottaras follows with the go-ahead single
And then George takes us over the top

Must C: Comeback - the 4 run rally in the 9th
With Ueck on the call for Kottaras' hit

July 4, 2011: Diamondbacks 8, Brewers 6

Marcum hits a grand slam WHUT
Yeah we ended up losing the game but this was a great moment. Marcum earned this curtain call not just cuz of the homer, but for his pitching all season long

Must C: Clips - Marcum's salami again
With Provus on the call

July 8, 2011: Brewers 8, Reds 7

Rickie's inside-the-parker
Now that's a friendly bounce. This put the Brewers on the board after falling behind 4-0

Kotsay's walk-off single
"Mark Kotsay's defining moment as a Milwaukee Brewer so far"... if only we could remember him for just this

July 10, 2011: Brewers 4, Reds 3

Counsell's walk-off sac fly
Craiggers had been 0 for his last 28 up to this point, and Roenicke just had a feeling his next out would at least be a productive one. He went on to go another 17 hitless AB before getting his next base knock

July 11, 2011: All-Star Homerun Derby

Rickie hits 3 in the Derby
Coming in 7th place out of 8. Not shown: his swing-and-miss

Prince blasts 9 (+5) in the Derby
5 in the 1st round, then 5 in the tie-breaking swing-off to get into Round 2, where he hit 4 more. He finished tied for 3rd.

July 12, 2011: National League 5, American League 1

Prince's 3-run HR in the All-Star Game
Aren't we glad that the NL secured home-field advantage in the World Series... sigh

July 16, 2011: Brewers 8, Rockies 7

K-Rod's debut
He got the win in this one, as Rickie socked a 2-run shot in the 9th to break a 6-6 tie

July 17, 2011: Brewers 4, Rockies 3

Marcum's ridiculous throw to 1st
This play dominated ESPN's "web gem of the day" for like a month, to the point where the SportsCenter anchors were just sick of showing it to us every night. Look guys, it's your voting system, try thinking it through for next year

July 20, 2011: Brewers 5, Diamondbacks 2

Go-Go makes a diving catch, does break collarbone
This has got to be the highest anyone has ever popped up straight into the air in human history after breaking a bone

July 22, 2011: Brewers 4, Giants 2

Nyjer "interacts with SF fans"
I loves me some Plush but this was the point at which I started to wish he'd kind of rein it in a bit

July 26, 2011: Brewers 3, Cubs 2

K-Rod's Miller Park debut
I'm gonna miss having this guy around for the 8th inning. Also, FYI: this was the game where our Ridiculous Month of Happiness all started, and when we took 1st place for good.

July 27, 2011: Brewers 2, Cubs 0

Don't watch this. Seriously, don't watch this
Only here for completeness' sake

Terrible way to end Part 2, I know, but hey, you might recall that Rickie did come back eventually, AND as I said, thus began our Ridiculous Month of Happiness, coming next Saturday in Part 3: "August".
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