The Hierarchy of Celebratory Booze - 2011 Milwaukee Brewers Playoffs Edition


This idea came up in a BCB game thread sometime around Magic Number: 15. "Charlie Marlow," other commenters and I were discussing what we were drinking during the game. It dawned on me that a system could be created for the close of the season and playoffs, whereby I could enjoy special drinks to commemorate each stage of advancement for the Brewers.


For the next two weeks, I'll be at home for Family Medical Leave, so weeknights for the NLDS and NLCS won't impact me the way a possible World Series portion will.


Also, I am extremely biased toward certain adult beverages, so this Hierarchy of Celebratory Booze reflects my choices. I do encourage each of you to follow the structure as we cheer the Brewers on this fall!


Rules and more after the jump...

The Rules:

  1. Two beverages for each round: For me, this means beer for "regular" series games, and liquor (whiskey, scotch or bourbon) for elimination games.

  2. I don't drink to get drunk anymore, so this isn't a way to slam drinks all night. It's a way to enjoy a drink or two of something I wouldn't ordinarily buy, or haven't had in a while, while experiencing something special;

  3. With one possible exception I am only utilizing alcohol I can purchase in the Fox Cities area – nothing too hard to find;

  4. I'm trying to increase the quality within each round, and as the rounds progress, because let's face it, drinking Miller Lite during a World Series game won't cut it as a proper celebration.

  5. These are my choices - taste and budgetary constraints may mean you choose Blatz for series games and crack out the Mohawk Vodka for elimination games. I don't care what you drink, just make it something special - we've earned it as fans.

  6. If you don't drink, don't. But have a Pepsi instead of Dr. Thunder or better yet have a Lakefront Golden Maple Root Beer.

The Preliminary Stage: National League Division Series

  • For this stage, I've been drinking Furthermore Three Feet Deep, which is a dark, smoky dry stout brewed in Black River Falls. I first had this beer a few years ago, haven't had any since, and it seemed like a good introduction to the playoffs.

  • For the elimination game(s) (come on, Tuesday!), I'll be drinking Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. This is a rye bourbon I have had before, but it's reserved for special evenings.

I thought about this last night, and I don't want to spoil things by getting ahead of the remaining games in the NLDS. So I'll update this with the next round, but I encourage others to follow my example and do something special for the Crew!




I was out and about today, so I stopped at the liquor store and couldn't help but to pick up what I'll be drinking for the elimination games of the NLCS and the entirety of the WS.


So, it'll go like this:


The Penultimate Stage: National League Championship Series

  • For the regular games, I'll be drinking some variety of Wisconsin microbrew beer. If I can find Lakefront Brewery East Side Dark up here on the Northern Edge of Civilization a/k/a Appleton, it'll be that. If not, probably something seasonal by New Glarus. 
  • For NLCS elimination games (hell, maybe any games), I'll be partaking of Old Forester Signature 100 Proof Bourbon.

The Party-Like-It's-1982 Stage: A Freakin' Milwaukee Brewers World Series

  • All WS games will be celebrated with Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. If anyone ever goes to Denver, in the LoDo area just north (???) of Coors Field there are 3 or 4 microbreweries (Great Divide and Oskar Blues are the best) and attached to the Oskar Blues Brewery is Stranahan Distillery. I managed to get the only bottle I've ever seen east of the Mississippi this morning, which saves me ordering it online and paying shipping costs.  Awesome stuff.

If the Brewers don't make the World Series, I'll save the Stranahan's for another big event.


Further edits to reflect reality:


When I was last in Denver Stranahan's was attached to Flying Dog Brewery. Flying Dog moved to Maryland. I assumed that Oskar Blues, which now supplies Stranahan's with their oak barrels, simply moved into the old Flying Dog location.  That appears not to be the case, and further Stranahan's seems to have moved a couple miles south of Coors Field.  Great Divide and Breckenridge Breweries are still near the stadium, and tours at both are highly recommended.



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