BCB Fantasy Football Open Thread and Playoff Preview

I didn't have time for a weekly recap, sorry. In exchange for that, here's a semi-sfw link to a gallery of pictures of Kat Dennings. Back to business.  We are 4 (including this week) weeks away from wrapping up the regular season and starting the playoffs.  So let's look at where each league is, and how far people are out.  Remember, each division winner gets a top 2 spot, and the rest fall in line behind there.



1. Clay with my balls (8-1, 996 Points Scored)

2. You Had me at Meet Tornado (7-2, 896)

3. Tramon Eileen (7-2, 788)

4. I Just Called To Say F*ck You (5-4, 832)

5. Put Something Offensive Here (5-4, 823)

6. Josh Bidwell is 1 Testy Punter (5-4, 810)


7. Suh Mack HAwk (5-4, 804) 

8. Caballo Sin Nombre (4-5, 797)

9. King of the Rats (3-6, 778)

10. Come on Hakeem (3-6, 768)

The difference between being in with the 4th position and being out entirely is 28 points.  Officer Jim Lahey's I Just Wanna Lose your Lovie Tonight and Andrew Hiedke's Orange crush are pretty much out.  On the positive side, Clay has been rolling all season long until he ran into the BUZZSAW THAT IS YOU HAD ME AT MEAT TORNADO last week.  Double B's Tramon Eileen squad is this year's Sacking Joe Morgan, as he's had the 2nd fewest points scored against him.  


1. All the Bacon and Eggs You Have (7-2, 876)

2. Using Your Head with James Harrision (7-2, 853)

3. After Life Aquatic with Osama Bin Laden (6-3, 818) 

4. Ice Cold Bruschis (5-4, 835)

5. Mississippi Dongslingers (5-4, 786)

6. Kuhn Tang Klan ANTFW (4-4-1, 884)

7. And Thats How You Get Grants (4-5, 885)

8. Dexter's Viking Adventure (4-5, 802)

9. Cutler's Pottery Barn Gift Receipt (4-5, 724)

10. Armageddon Day (3-6, 800)

11. Mendenhall's OBL Fan Club (3-6, 703)

What a screwy league.  We've had a tie here, and the two highest scoring teams are 6th and 7th. Jay Cutler's Kneegina of Ryan Smith are the only team pretty much out of it.  PREDICTION: With 4 weeks left, two teams that are out will be in.  Lotta football left gentlemen.


1. I Wanna Rex You Up (8-1, 905)

2. Cromartie's Foster Kid Emporium (7-2, 978)

3. Drop It Like It's Hot ft. James Jones (6-3, 913)

4. Indianapolis Steak House (6-3, 869)

5. Rock Me Abberderis (6-3, 782)

6. I WILL DESTROY HER (5-4, 810)

7. Pippa Middleton's Hypnotic A$$ (5-4, 801)

8. Earnest Goes To Kampman (4-5, 809)

9. Gary Glitter's U-16 (3-6, 662)

Finally, a league with some semblance of order.  Only one team in the playoffs is out of the top 6 in scoring, and not by much either (again, 28 points).  3 teams are out of it already, including Meiz.  There is some good teams just in, or barely out here, and it will come down to some good fantasy games coming through in the last four weeks.  

I'd like to take a moment and talk about my teams' biggest thrills and disappointments to this point.  I'll start with the Archers:

Disappointments- Vernon Davis.  I hated this pick when I made it, and should've known better.  It was the 5th, and instead of grabbing Welker, or Stevie Johnson, or some good receiver, I grabbed you.  You are 14th in points scored for Tight Ends this year, not what I expected when I took you as the 5th TE taken (though, in fairness, you have outscored two of the guys taken ahead of you in Clark and Gates).  Still though, die in a fire. (as I finished writing this, you just ran a TD in.  Good looking out homie. Don't Die, just get badly burned.)

Surprise- Steve Smith.  I also didn't like this pick when I made it, but QUE SURPRISE when you turned out to be the 5th highest scoring WR in fantasy this year!  Not bad for a guy I was taking out of roster fill out desperation.  Sometimes projections are wrong and you ruled!  Also, Matt Forte, way to be great as my 3rd rounder.  You've outscored my top pick of Arian coming into this week (but that's no longer the case after Arian dropped 30).


Disappointments- Oy, where to start... Well, Philip Rivers.  I drafted you because I knew you were going to be a top 3 QB.  I took you because I didn't want to be in the Eli, Stafford, and Fitzpatrick area.  AND ALL 3 OF THOSE GUYS ARE BETTER THAN YOU.  I HAD TO TRADE MY #1 Pick to get a competent guy to lead the team.  God you've been awful.  Couple you with the guy I took to lead my WR in Brandon Lloyd, and I've had a tough year.  Throw in that with that none of my RBs, drafted or otherwise, are in the top 20, and that's why I'm on the outside looking in.  You can all die in a fire.

Surprises- Well, AJ Green and Stevie Johnson are both top 15 guys, so that's worked out nicely.  But that's all.   


Disappointments- Wide Receivers, both Miles Austin (injury) and Santonio (Sanchez'd) have not put up the numbers I've expected of them.  Santonio can't get off the bench behind a healthy Austin and an emerging Stevie Johnson and Antonio Brown.  And neither can take the flex away from my RBs.  

Surprises- Brown has been one of them, as was my astute pickup of Demarco Murray the week BEFORE he ran for 250+.  Also, I knew McCoy was going to be good, but he's the top dog RB this year.  Way to be shady.

Feel free to do some reflection on this topic, and I know some of you have some good stuff to share, so feel free to do so.  As well as your thoughts from the week.  

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