We can have many, many, many Vendittes . . .

(many, many, many and also a whole lot of LaRussas Vendittes!)



Pat Venditte is a switch pitcher. When the Yankee farm-hand sees a switch-hitter, he must declare which way he's going to pitch. So they wait for him to declare which way he's going to pitch and the hitter then goes into the opposite box.  Once that happens, neither of them are allowed to switch.

I hope I got that right... I think I did. There are no switch-umpires, to be clear.

The rule is called the Pat Venditte Rule (for Pat Venditte).

Here are some things you should know about the switch-pitcher that we shouldn't skip over before we get to the part about many, many, many Vendittes.

As a right-hand pitcher, his FB sits in the mid-to-high 80's range, with an over-the-top delivery. That should work fine, for our purposes.

Now, from the left side, he throws side-arm. I'm pretty sure it takes less time to warm up side-arm, and it would be nice to just say "how about you just stick with that?" It's the National League and that would just be much easier. Then again; clubs are always looking for that kind of flexibility*


*So he should learn to hit, or play the outfield so we can have him come back for the next batter we want him to face. We can do that as many times as we want, right? And, also, I forgot to point out that the Yankees are not going to protect Venditte on the 40-roster, and that's why we can get him. The reason the Yankees did NOT keep him is because he'd be probably the most popular player on the team with the exception of Rivera. Even if Mo' told everyone to stop saying he's so awesome, they would think it was awesome that he told them to stop saying it.


Back to his stuff from the left side - he throws low-to-mid 80's slider/change-up stuff. When I watched his debut at a ST game on t.v. in 2010, I was thinking he'd eventually just settle on one side to get through the minors. Not so!


If we focus on A/A+, you'd probably notice something; that he's more than useful, and sort of looks like maybe a prospect. At least, through most of 2010. A 218/36 K/BB in 175 IP looks more than useful. If those were his AA numbers, and he were about to fine-tune things and move up to the majors, Pat Venditte would be more popular than Jeter. He would even endorse a product called Switch-Gatorade. And switch razors.

I would appreciate some help on the next part - - - Does anyone know where I can find R/L splits? I feel like that is a silly question and the answer is "there are no splits! Everyone knows that."  And maybe this won't matter as much, because of the Many, Many, Many Venditte's...





                     Many, many many Vendittes  (And many Tony Larussas, but not now)


Here is my question; what if our switch-pitcher didn't have to switch?  Doug Melvin wondered the very same thing, and called Pat Venditte's agent, Takuto Marayama (a made-up name) to ask him how a pitcher with his very own platoon advantage could actually have an endless loop of platoon advantages, and what the consequences would be...



Doug does his due diligence by dialing the number of the people who could make the Platoon Within a Platoon Within Many, Many, Many Vendittes work. The committee was more than accommodating (start at ~1:46 to see the super-platoon helpers).


With the failed World Cup Bid for 2022, Mr. Marakuto and his friends in Japan were able to make a model of the Vendittes pitching at the same time, using alternate deliveries from either side and messing up hitters. Here's a L/R representation of what Venditte would look like if you think of them as 2 Vendittes:



Now, look at the box below, and click on the link that says "These Consequences are Awesome!"


These consequences are awesome!!



I'm just about warn out, but I think the Brewers ought to seriously consider Venditte, even if we can't do the holographs this season. He's limited, stuff-wise, but I'm not sure he would have too much of a problem pitching from both sides at the same time, and multiplying himself by at least 4.

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