Royals Fan With some Questions.

Hey, guys. I am a Royals fan posting in unfamiliar territory (The only other MLB SBNation blog I follow is Royals Review), so I think it would be a good idea for me to introduce myself. I am 14 (One of the few guys under 16 over at RR), and I was born and am currently growing up in Kansas City. My dad's side of the family is from Wisconsin, we love our Packers (11-0 baby!), but my Grandpa grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, and my dad grew up a Royals fan.

Now that that's out of the way, let me get some questions in:

1: What do you think of the Royals organization in general? Do you see it being in any way like the Brewers organization?

2: How does the Brewers front office tend to evaluate having "Team leaders"? A lot of us on Royals Review are a little pissed that Jeff Francoeur got re-signed to a two-year deal because of his intangibles for the most part. Do they value a stable clubhouse, or do they not care either way? A lot of us Royals fans hated Grienke because he was a "clubhouse cancer" and a "freak". I for one wouldn't mind seeing him back in KC in 2013, but only time will tell.

3: Do you think that the Royals look similar to the Brewers of the past 6 years or so in having a strong youth movement?

4: Out of Grienke, Gallardo, and Marcum, which pitcher would you feel the most comfortable in parting with?

5: A lot of Royals fans feel like a jump to contention is close in the next couple of years. Approximately how long did it take before you noticed a turnaround in the Brewers?

6: Here are the Royals current rotation candidates:

Luke Hochevar (28-year-old former #1 overall pick who has had struggles with inconsistency, but finally started to put it all together at the end of last season)

Danny Duffy (Young pitcher who showed flashes last season, but still for the most part sucked. Still has a lot of potential.)

Jonathan Sanchez (Okay pitcher who has had one awesome season and 3 crappy ones. Strikes out a lot, but still walks too many. We traded Melky Cabrera for him this offseason.)

Bruce Chen (Older pitcher with crappy peripherals, but has posted 12 wins in two respective seasons for the Royals. Lots of people are calling him "The next Jamie Moyer". We keep expecting him to just totally implode, but he keeps proving us wrong.)

Felipe Paulino (Guy with great peripherals who we got off of the scrap-heap last season. Performed well for us over 20 starts. A lot of people are comparing him to a poor man's Ubaldo Jimenez.)

Aaron Crow (Our lone all-star rep last year, Aaron Crow was our #1 pick in 2009, but had struggled as a starter in the minors. The Royals brought him up as a reliever, and he did awesome for the most part.)

Mike Montgomery (A top 20 prospect as voted by Baseball America in 2011, Mike Montgomery was projected to be up sometime in the late middle of last season early in the year. He had a really bad season, but then got back on track towards the end.)

Everett Teaford (A reliever last season, Everett Teaford gave us a few starts, and performed at a reasonable level. He was a really good starter in the minors, but got overshadowed by our "Young pitching fountain" [term coined by USA Today] in Montgomery, Duffy, John Lamb [Who got Tommy John Surgery and isn't expected to be back until late next year], and Chris Dwyer [Who posted an ERA above 6 in AA last season].)

Does this potential rotation resemble any of the Brewers rotations of the last 7 years?

7: In what season did Miller Park seem to get an attendance hike? Kansas City and Milwaukee seem to both be pretty good baseball towns when their teams are good.


Those are all the questions for now. The Brewers have always been my NL team, so I hope this post can be an opportunity for us to learn about our respective teams and the way they operate.

If you have any questions about the Royals, just comment with them.

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