What a season. 3 of us have earned our champion title to put in our sig. Let's see who ended this wonderful journey that included me delivering my own daughter this season (no, Meiz, I will never shut up about that. It's going on my resume):

BCB Swansons Championship

MrLeam's Put Something Offensive Here beat BrewTownBoozer's I Just Called To Say F*ck You 158-93: HOLY LEAM! Our Great British Import brought one of the most impressive performances of the year to the championship game and blew Boozer out of the water. Stafford, Mendenhall, Marshall, and the Bills D led the way. Boozer had some bright spots, but there was nothing he could do against the Leam juggernaut. Only Megatron and Aaron Hernandez outperformed their counterparts, but it wasn't enough as his running backs combined for 7 points. Congrats to MrLeam who has earned his

BCB 2011 Fantasy Football Champion- Swansons League

BCB Kriegers Championship

IceCreamMan's Ice Cold Bruschis beat Tepo6868's Using Your Head with James Harrison 115-109: THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT. But that's fantasy football for you. Ice Cream Man rode Brees running up the score and solid performances from MJD, Beef Mo, Khalil Bell, and Miles Austin to the title. Tepo had big weeks from Cam, Mendenhall, Megatron, and the Bengals D, but no one else topped 8. Granted, Brees earned his record, and IceCreamMan earned his sig:

BCB 2011 Fantasy Football Champion- Kriegers League

BCB Archers Championship

Hyatt's Cromartie's Foster Kid Emporium beat TexWestern's Rock Me Abbrederis 104-102: DOWN TO THE END!!! If you follow my twitter feed (@enrico_palazzo), you can see Tex and I sweat out the last 10 minutes of the Saints/Falcons Game. In the end, Matty Ice and JULIO topped Roddy and Lance Moore. Coupled with Fitty and the Arian Nation, they led my team to victory. Despite Stafford, Pettigrew, and Frank Gore's best efforts, Tex fell just short. So for the SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR, your commish has earned the:

BCB 2011 Fantasy Football Champion- Archers League.

What a phenomenal year for us all. It has been quite the journey. I want to thank you all for your time and effort this year. Have a great new year, and I can't wait for Noah's Fantasy Baseball in march.

Also, if anyone wants to do a project on ranking each fantasy baseball position, feel free to email me.

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