Anyone else get their Spring High yet?

My fanpost should be generic enough to pass over and cryptic enough for some confusion, but here it is...

With Spring Training games less than a couple of weeks away, I have to ask:

Anyone else get their Spring High yet?

I’m lucky enough to live in warmer climate and have already gotten a whiff of fresh cut grass and the sounds of bat on ball while lines are being painted. A few brews and some crawfish and I’m in heaven.

Bonne chance this season Brewers!

* * *

Here's a question for thought:

How many "baseball" fans would cheer as enthusiastically if there were no city behind the team? No names on the jerseys of a solid plain uniform?

The game itself is the best GAME in the world, period. However, football is clearly more popular. Many of us would take baseball over football in a heartbeat. But do you only care about the Brewers and not so much about baseball as a superior sport?  I’m not saying there cannot be Brewers fans who are also baseball fans, absolutely there are many who are both. But the baseball fan takes baseball over the Brewers everytime and the Brewers fan visa versa.

Computer generate a great baseball play, ala a steal of home plate or a turned d-play in a crucial point in the game, and a baseball fan may rise up and cheer.  However take the same play and put the team in a rival uni and see if there is the same reaction from a Brewers fan.  Most likely not. A true fan of baseball can appreciate great baseball moments without prejudice. Do people still watch when their team is not involved?

There is a difference between a fan of the ‘game of baseball’ and a fan of baseball in Milwaukee, Houston, Boston, or Los Angeles, … wherever.  I think if you delved deeper you’d find many on here care more about the Brewers than they do about "baseball." Not that there is anything wrong with that, but so many are not even honest with themselves. There are biased so-called baseball fans who would never under any circumstances applaud great baseball if it went against their home team.

It’s easy for someone like me to say that baseball is much bigger than the name of the city and far bigger than the name of the player, but I find more and more that people are not baseball fans….. They are Brewers fans or Astros fans or Red Sox fans or Yankee fans - you get my point?

The fan of t-ball, Little League, high school, college, and Minor League baseball is more likely to "get" what I'm saying.   

To add:

This is typical food for thought in basic sociology. I personally think it’s a good thing to get behind a city or community, your high school vs the evil arch rivals of your same great state, etc.  However, I don’t think there is any village great or small that takes center stage over the game. If they moved the games out of the Roman Coliseum are they not still great games…. waiting to be competed?  It doesn’t take away from it’s inner greatness.

Now you can go on back to your lives.

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