Community Projections: LF, RF, C

Today's strange combination of projected positions is simply because we have solid starters at each position, and the two leftovers after today, shortstop and center field, will require projection of two players. So we'll stick with 3 today and hit those 4 tomorrow. 

Ryan Braun

ZiPS: .295/.355/.525

2009: .320/.386/.553

2010: .304/.365/.501

Looking at those lines makes me realize that we probably underappreciate Braun, if that even seems possible. Those are two remarkable lines and I think I like his chances of putting up something of a career year at age 27, especially when you consider the nagging injuries he's dealt with and the tremendous production he's managed anyways. Put me down for the over on all 3 components of the ZiPS projection.

Corey Hart

ZiPS; .272/.327/.480

2009: .260/.335/.418

2010: .283/.340/.525

Hart's projection is the one I'm most curious to see out of all the players on this year's team. That's over a .100 point jump in slugging in a year, and ZiPS, weighting 2010 more than 2009, projects him to continue to be a big-time power hitter. I think the community might be less optimistic, we'll find out soon enough. 

Jonathan Lucroy

ZiPS: .256/.318/.377

2009: .267/.380/.418 in AA

2010: .253/.300/.329

Catchers don't need to accomplish much at the plate to have value. Lucroy had value over a replacement level catcher (Wil Nieves might be an example) even though he put up that weak .629 OPS. I like his chances of improving nicely this season, being 24 does not hurt and look at that pretty .380 OBP he managed in the minors two seasons ago. ZiPS might look optimistic to some but my projection is something like .255/.325/.380, which would be a big boost to the Brewers offense that has recently dealt with the likes of Jason Kendall and Johnny Estrada.

The form is below the jump, forget about the link idea. I forgot how easy it was to just embed it, and I think this might boost participation, which was only about 35 people yesterday. You can still join the fun of yesterday's projections, and make sure to fill out today's below. You may have to move down a scroll bar within the main window to get to the bottom. Don't be afraid to post projections or anything in the comments, or complain if there's a problem with the form.

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