Games start tomorrow, so why not do a preview.  Below you'll see matchups, and as little analysis as possible.  Let's fire it up!

Randy Like the Wolf v. Halladay ROOOAAAOOOAAAOD: I'd say it's an interesting matchup, but who knows right off the bat.  Things will get interesting on Sunday when both teams have 4 starters going.  What is going to be interesting is which unproven 1B will produce more between LaPorta and Freeman.  Time shall tell. My Pick: It's me

The Milledge Idiot v. Jeff's Mom's a Kent: Kendrys going on the DL hurts Milledge, but Jeff's mom has Mitch Moreland there, so it's pretty much a wash.  Again, it's too early to tell,  My pick: Milledge, Jeff's offense will struggle.

Nomar Mr. Nice Guy v. Smoak'n With Jeffress: I love Nomar's offense, so much so that I would make love to it if all the proper caveats existed (not married, his offense was a woman, etc.).  Smoak'n has some pitching problems, but you can't beat his outfield with Cargo and Hamilton.  My Pick: Nomar

My Pujos is Byrnsin v. Royals Yosting on an Open Fire: We'll see how much Pujols' gamble on relief pitching pays off, considering he has 3 starters. Personally, I'm betting against it.  My pick: Royals

Electric Litch Orchestra v. Grienke's Level 85 Gnome Mage: I know I said Smoak'n's outfield can't be beat, but the Mages give it a run with Braun, Heyword, and Tabata.  ELO has some opening day starters and should run out to an early lead.  Can his offense of Wright and McCann hold it?  I doubt it. My Pick: Mages

ANything You Cantu I Cantu Better v. Picture Me Rollins: Another Reliever heavy team with Cantu.  His recipe appears to be Power and Relievers, as there isn't a single guy on his squad short of Posey that I'd bet to hit .300.  Rollins has some power, but more balance.  I'll go with him.  My Pick: Rollins

Rewind Yourself! v. Total Eclipse of the Hart: This matchup is a perfect example of Relievers v. STarters.  We'll see how this plays out over the week.  Though Rewind Yourself has 3 relievers on the bench.  So that's out the window.  Offensively I give a light edge to Rewind, so that will carry the day.  My Pick: Rewind


As always, I encourage smack talk (especially TCYoung) to be posted in the comments.  Please avoid using racial slurs, but everything else is fair game.  As an example, TC, my team is so ridiculous, they molested pedophiles when they were kids.  It's on BABY!!!

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