Brewer's 40-man (incl. how acquired)

certainly most if not all of you have a list such as this one saved on your computers, but here's the one that I put together just in case.  I welcome your input or corrections of dates, etc I may have gotten wrong.




Milwaukee Brewers 40-man Roster (including Disabled List)




John Axford (minor league FA, 2008)

Zach Braddock (2005 draft, 18th rd)

Yovani Gallardo (2004 draft, 2nd round)

Sean Green (FA 2010)

Zack Greinke (trade 4)

LaTroy Hawkins (FA 2010)

Justin James (waivers, Oak, 2010)

Brandon Kintzler (FA – Indy League – 2009)

Kameron Loe (FA 2009)

Shaun Marcum (trade 3)

Mike McClendon (2006 draft, 10th round)

Dan Merklinger  (2007 draft, 6th round)

Sergio Mitre (trade 2A)

Chris Narveson (minor league FA, 2007)

Manny Parra (2001 draft, 26th round)

Wily Peralta (undrafted FA, 2005)

Amaury Rivas (amateur FA, 2005)

Mark Rodgers (2004 draft, 1st rd)

Takashi Saito (FA 2011)

Cody Scarpetta (2007 draft, 11th rd)

Mitch Stetter (2003 draft, 16th round)

Randy Wolf (FA 2010)




George Kottaras (waivers, BOS 2009)

Jonathan Lucroy (2007 draft, 3rd rd)

Martin Maldonado (minor league FA, 2009)

Wil Nieves (FA 2010)




Erick Almonte (minor league FA, 2009)

Yuniesky Betancourt (trade 4)

Craig Counsell (FA, 2007 – orig. part of trade 1)

Eric Farris (2007 draft, 4th round)

Prince Fielder (2002 draft, 1st round)

Mat Gamel (2005 draft,  4th round)

Mark Kotsay (FA 2011)

Casey McGhehee (waivers, CHC 2008)

Rickie Weeks (2003 draft, 1st round)





Ryan Braun (2005 draft, 1st round)

Carlos Gomez (trade 1)

Corey Hart (2000 draft, 11th round)

Nyjer Morgan (trade 5)

Jeremy Reed (minor league FA, 2011)







  1. C. Gomez from MIN for J. Hardy (2001 draft, 2nd rd)
  2. C. Dickerson from CIN for J. Edmonds  (FA, 2010)

2A.  S. Mitre from NYY for C. Dickerson

  1. S. Marcum from TOR for B. Lawrie (1st round,  )
  2. Z. Greinke, Y. Betancourt from KC for A. Escobar (non-draft FA, 2003), L. Cain (2004 draft, 17th rd – draft and follow), J. Odorizzi (sup 1st round, 2008), J. Jeffress  (1st round, 2006)
  3. N. Morgan from WAS for C. Dykstra (2nd round, 2008)






Semi-related previous trades


S. Linebrink from SD for W. Inman, S. Garrison, J. Thatcher

R. Durham from SF for OF D. Ford (18th round, ’04), RHP S. Hammond

C. Gillepspie, R. Mercedes (AAA) for F. Lopez (ARZ)

J. Gerut from SD for T. Gwynn (2nd rd.)

K. Mench, L. Nix, from TEX for C. Lee [gotten from CWS for S. Podsednik (waivers) and L. Vizcaino (traded for J. Pena)] and N. Cruz (traded from OAK for K. Ginter – see Trade 3).

L. Overbay, C. Capuano, J. de la Rossa from ARZ for R. Sexon, S. Nance, N. Varner (Nance from LAD for T. Houston, Varner from DET for A. Sanchez, who was gotten on waivers).

A.  G. Gross, D. Bush, Z. Jackson from TOR for L. Overbay.

B.  CC Sabathia from CLE for Z. Jackson, M. LaPorta, R. Bryson

1C. Josh Butler (AAA) from TB for G. Gross


C. Vargas, J. Estrada, G. Aquino from ARZ for D. Davis (gotten on waivers), D. Krynzell, D. Eveland.

2A.  G. Mota from NYM for J. Estrada

C. Villanueva from SF for W. Franklin (gotten from HOU w/ K. Ginter for M. Loretta).

3A.  ________ from TOR for C Villanueva



AAA players previously on 40-man roster


Josh Butler (trade with TB for G. Gross)

Alex Periard (2004 draft, 16th rd)

Marco Estrada (waivers, WAS 2010)

Angel Salome (2004 draft, 5th round)

Brandon Boggs (FA 2010)

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