Premier League: Draft Recap, Season Preview, First Week Matchups

Your Teams:

Noah's Traveling All-Stars (Yours Truly)
Vegetarian Donut Diet (thebrouhaha)
Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (brewjoles)
Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (acheron)
The Wise Man's Fear (pjpaulus)
Misery Loves Company (sjlee)
Tomato Tabata (GoGregGo)
Miggy and the bottomofthe5th (Dikembe Meiztombo)
The MicroBrewers (brewcrewshrew)
Bourn Identity (brwrsfan39)


First off, I would like to congratulate everyone on PERFECT ATTENDANCE!  (Shakes hand, shakes hand) Sure a couple of you missed the first 2-3 rounds, but for most of the draft every single team owner was there.  That was actually the first time I ever participated in a fantasy draft when everyone was present and puts Hyatt's measly 71% attendance to shame. (I have no idea what MrLeam's was.

Round 1
1) thebrouhaha: Albert Pujols
2) brewjoles: Hanley Ramirez
3) Acheron: Carl Crawford
4) Noah: Evan Longoria
5) pjpaulus: Ryan Braun
6) sjlee: Adrian Gonzalez
7) GoGregGo: Troy Tulowitski
8) Dikembe: Miguel Cabrera
9) brewcrewshrew: Robinson Cano
10) brwrsfan39: Joey Votto

For the first few rounds, I don't really think one can say somebody drafted really well or really poorly.  Everyone wins in round 1!

Round 2
1) brwrsfan39: Roy Halladay
2) brewcrewshrew: Alex Rodriguez
3) Dikembe: Mark Teixeira
4) GoGregGo: Matt Holliday
5)sjlee: Dustin Pedroia
6) pjpaulus: David Wright
7) Noah: Felix Hernandez
8) Acheron: Carlos Gonzalez
9) brewjoles: Tim Lincecum
10) thebrouhaha: Cliff Lee

Again, not really any terrible or great picks here.  Everybody in this round will be great for their teams.

Round 3
1) thebrouhaha: Jon Lester
2) brewjoles: Ryan Zimmerman
3) Acheron: Prince Fielder
4) Noah: Joe Mauer
5) pjpaulus: Josh Hamilton
6) sjlee: Jose Bautista
7) GoGregGo: Kevin Youkilis
8) Dikembe: CC Sabathia
9) brewcrewshrew: Jose Reyes
10) brwrsfan39: Ryan Howard

If Jose Reyes played any other position, there's no way he would go this high.  Last season all he offered were decent SB and R totals.  I guess bcs can hope he returns to 2006/2008 form, but it's not something I personally would have risked.  sjlee with Jose Bautista (this might have been autodraft) is risky, too.  pjpaulus has the best pick so far as I'm not sure how Josh Hamilton fell so far.

Round 4
1) brwrsfan39: Andrew McCutchen
2) brewcrewshrew: Adrian Beltre
3) Dikembe: Nelson Cruz
4) GoGregGo: Shin-Soo Choo
5)sjlee: Shane Victorino
6) pjpaulus: Matt Kemp
7) Noah: Justin Upton
8) Acheron: Clayton Kershaw
9) brewjoles: Victor Martinez
10) thebrouhaha: Justin Verlander

Not really sure why Shane Victorino went this high.  He has some nice steals, but it's not like we're trying to win categories this season.  There were plenty of OF available that will likely be better, including Kemp, who went a pick after Victorino.

Round 5
1) thebrouhaha: Ichiro
2) brewjoles: Chris Carpenter
3) Acheron: Tommy Hanson
4) Noah: Buster Posey
5) pjpaulus: Adam Dunn
6) sjlee: Roy Oswalt
7) GoGregGo: Dan Uggla
8) Dikembe: Jason Heyward
9) brewcrewshrew: Billy Butler
10) brwrsfan39: Jimmy Rollins

I followed the exact same strategy in another league I'm in: Draft Mauer and Posey and play Posey at first.  I like the Jason Heyward pick and the Adam Dunn pick.  There weren't any terrible choices in this round.

Round 6
1) brwrsfan39: Jayson Werth
2) brewcrewshrew: Rickie Weeks
3) Dikembe: Hunter Pence
4) GoGregGo: Dan Haren
5)sjlee: Ben Zobrist
6) pjpaulus: Ian Kinsler
7) Noah: Ubaldo Jimenez
8) Acheron: Martin Prado
9) brewjoles: Alex Rios
10) thebrouhaha: Jacoby Ellsbury

Lots of risky picks here.  Weeks and Kinsler are very similar players and both are injured frequently.  For all we worry about Weeks' health, Kinsler might be hurt even more.  Will Zobrist come closer to 2009 form than 2010?  Can Jimenez repeat 2010 in Coors Field?

Round 7
1) thebrouhaha: Brandon Phillips
2) brewjoles: Justin Morneau
3) Acheron: Neftali Feliz
4) Noah: Zack Greinke
5) pjpaulus: Brian McCann
6) sjlee: Curtis Granderson
7) GoGregGo: Andre Ethier
8) Dikembe: Cole Hamels
9) brewcrewshrew: Derek Jeter
10) brwrsfan39: Josh Johnson

All three starting pitchers are great picks in the seventh round.  Josh Johnson was perhaps a top five pitcher last year, Cole Hamels is part of the vaunted Phillies rotation, and we've all waxed poetic on Greinke enough.  (Man was I excited to get him this late in the draft, though)  I'm somewhat surprised that Feliz was the first closer drafted.  I'm also surprised McCann went this much later after I had picked Mauer and Posey earlier.  I would have thought that would start a run on catchers, as there aren't too many valuable players at the position.

Round 8
1) brwrsfan39: Casey McGehee
2) brewcrewshrew: Carlos Marmol
3) Dikembe: Yovani Gallardo
4) GoGregGo: Kendrys Morales
5)sjlee: Brian Wilson
6) pjpaulus: Mat Latos
7) Noah: Jered Weaver
8) Acheron: Jay Bruce
9) brewjoles: Mariano Rivera
10) thebrouhaha: Corey Hart

For my surprise that Feliz was the first closer drafted, I'm even more surprised that Marmol was picked before Wilson or Rivera.  The Kendrys Morales pick is a good risk/reward as he could be great, but should definitely be solid.  I've liked Weaver ever since seeing a graphic showing several of his stats on par with King Felix.  Mat Latos is also a real good pitcher.

Round 9
1) thebrouhaha: Matt Cain
2) brewjoles: David Price
3) Acheron: Heath Bell
4) Noah: Mike Stanton
5) pjpaulus: BJ Upton
6) sjlee: Rafael Furcal
7) GoGregGo: Francisco Liriano
8) Dikembe: Chris Young
9) brewcrewshrew: Joakim Soria
10) brwrsfan39: Delmon Young

I like David Price here a lot.  After the season he had last year, I would have expected him to be drafted a lot higher.  Rafael Furcal, on the other hand, seems like an awful pick.  Sure he plays a weak position and steals some bases, but there were guys like Alexei Ramirez, Stephen Drew and Elvis Andrus left, all of whom would likely be better.  I think Stanton could either be a huge steal or a huge bust.  He has prodigious power, but his strikeouts could pull me down in this format.

Round 10
1) brwrsfan39: Michael Bourn
2) brewcrewshrew: Shaun Marcum
3) Dikembe: Paul Konerko
4) GoGregGo: Carlos Santana
5)sjlee: Aubrey Huff
6) pjpaulus: Chase Utley
7) Noah: Kelly Johnson
8) Acheron: Max Scherer
9) brewjoles: Colby Rasmus
10) thebrouhaha: Alexei Ramirez

Three great picks here in Konerko, Santana and Ramirez.  Konerko isn't rated as one of the top first basemen, but last season he sure played like one.  He won't put up the same numbers, but he'll still have tons of production for Dikembe.  Santana was having a great season last year before a season ending injury.  He should come back fine from that and could be a top three catcher.  Ramirez is a good player at a weak position.  Finding that in the 10th round is nice.  I'm not a big fan of my Kelly Johnson pick

Round 11
1) thebrouhaha: Jonathan Papelbon
2) brewjoles: Gordon Beckham
3) Acheron: Stephen Drew
4) Noah: Jonathan Broxton
5) pjpaulus: Chad Billingsley
6) sjlee: Jonathan Sanchez
7) GoGregGo: Brett Gardner
8) Dikembe: Elvis Andrus
9) brewcrewshrew: Michael Young
10) brwrsfan39: Aramis Ramirez

Here we have two closers who have been at the top of fantasy rankings recently, but who might be in danger of losing their jobs with a few bad outings in Papelbon and Broxton.  Beckham and Drew are both solid picks for their teams middle infield positions.  I was targeting Drew before Acheron took him, too.  No terrible picks except perhaps Gardner.  We'll see how it plays out, but in this points format, players who's only talent is getting steals might not be very good.

Round 12
1) brwrsfan39: Brian Roberts
2) brewcrewshrew: Juan Pierre
3) Dikembe: Wandy Rodriguez
4) GoGregGo: Pablo Sandoval
5)sjlee: JJ Putz
6) pjpaulus: Drew Stubbs
7) Noah: John Axford
8) Acheron: Geovany Soto
9) brewjoles: Torii Hunter
10) thebrouhaha: Brett Anderson

Take what I just said about Gardner and apply it to Juan Pierre.  Soto is a good pickup this late at catcher.  I love Anderson in real life, but in fantasy he doesn't get too many strikeouts.  This is probably a good round for him.  Potentially the best pick of this round might be Pablo Sandoval.  If he has a rebound season after losing all that weight, look out.

Round 13
1) thebrouhaha: Bobby Abreu
2) brewjoles: Tim Hudson
3) Acheron: Matt Thornton
4) Noah: Nick Markakis
5) pjpaulus: Clay Bucholz
6) sjlee: Denard Span
7) GoGregGo: Chris Perez
8) Dikembe: Carlos Lee
9) brewcrewshrew: Miguel Montero
10) brwrsfan39: Aaron Hill

There's talk of Chris Sale jumping Matt Thornton for the White Sox closers role, but I doubt that will happen.   A lot of solid outfielders in this round with Abreu, Markakis, Span and Lee.  None of them likely have a ton of upside this year, but all should be fairly valuable.  I like the Aaron Hill pick, and kind of wish I had waited to pick him instead of Kelly Johnson two rounds earlier.  He had a terribly low BABIP last season.

Round 14
1) brwrsfan39: Andrew Bailey
2) brewcrewshrew: Ryan Dempster
3) Dikembe: Miguel Tejada
4) GoGregGo: Huston Street
5)sjlee: Colby Lewis
6) pjpaulus: Joe Nathan
7) Noah: Pedro Alvarez
8) Acheron: Ted Lilly
9) brewjoles: Francisco Rodriguez
10) thebrouhaha: Jose Valverde

Lot's of people decided to go with closers this round.  I've mentioned a few times in the past week that I would want nothing to do with the Rangers starters--they will not repeat their performances from last year.  Alvarez probably has the most potential of anyone in this round, but like Stanton could cost me with his strikeouts.

Round 15
1) thebrouhaha: Francisco Cordero
2) brewjoles: Vernon Wells
3) Acheron: Neil Walker
4) Noah: Dan Hudson
5) pjpaulus: Gaby Sanchez
6) sjlee: John Danks
7) GoGregGo: Jhoulys Chacin
8) Dikembe: Placido Polanco
9) brewcrewshrew: Matt Garza
10) brwrsfan39: Ryan Franklin

Lot's of solid picks.  I like Gaby Sanchez very much.  He's a guy who is frequently overlooked, but puts up good numbers.  I'm not a big fan of Polanco--he'll have an OK average and won't cost you points with errors, but other than that doesn't do much.

Round 16
1) brwrsfan39: Phil Hughes
2) brewcrewshrew: Hiroki Kuroda
3) Dikembe: Chone Figgins
4) GoGregGo: Drew Storen
5)sjlee: Carlos Quentin
6) pjpaulus: Brandon Morrow
7) Noah: David Ortiz
8) Acheron: Jose Tabata
9) brewjoles: Rajai Davis
10) thebrouhaha: Adam Lind

"When you steal 50 bases, your OBP isn't really a concern in fantasy play." is the first line on Rajai Davis' player card.  Like Gardner and Pierre before, he might not be a great fit for this format.  Ortiz will probably be a poor choice, but I was running out of time and wanted a hitter.  Morrow is a good late round pickup.

Round 17
1) thebrouhaha: Ian Stewart
2) brewjoles: Brett Myers
3) Acheron: Jeremy Hellickson
4) Noah: Grady Sizemore
5) pjpaulus: Ricky Nolasco
6) sjlee: James Shields
7) GoGregGo: Edinson Volquez
8) Dikembe: Kurt Suzuki
9) brewcrewshrew: Trevor Cahill
10) brwrsfan39: Matt Wieters

I had been eying Hellickson for at least four rounds before this, and was planning on taking him here.  Damn you Acheron!  Sizemore--a consensus first round pick just a couple years ago--was an OK consolation prize in my weak outfield, so long as he stays healthy.  Volquez is a real good pick this late in the game, too.

Round 18
1) brwrsfan39: Jason Bay
2) brewcrewshrew: Angel Pagan
3) Dikembe: Howie Kendrick
4) GoGregGo: Michael Cuddyer
5)sjlee: Nick Swisher
6) pjpaulus: Adam Jones
7) Noah: Brad Lidge
8) Acheron: Gio Gonzalez
9) brewjoles: Vlad Guerrero
10) thebrouhaha: Mike Napoli

Lidge might be out for the season.  What an awful pick.  I wish I had taken Gio Gonzalez, who is one of my favorite pitchers in the MLB.  Mike Napoli won't get a ton of playing time as a backup, but will hit well when he does get in a game.

Round 19
1) thebrouhaha: Mitch Moreland
2) brewjoles: Starlin Castro
3) Acheron: Ian Desmond
4) Noah: Erick Aybar
5) pjpaulus: Ian Kennedy
6) sjlee: Jason Kubel
7) GoGregGo: Yunel Escobar
8) Dikembe: Josh Beckett
9) brewcrewshrew: Andres Torres
10) brwrsfan39: Jaime Garcia

The round of crappy shortstops.  Desmond, Aybar, Kennedy, Escobar, Castro--ugh.  Moreland, if he can build on last years callup, could be a good value pick at 1st.

Round 20
1) brwrsfan39: Mark Reynolds
2) brewcrewshrew: Leo Nunez
3) Dikembe: Craig Kimbrel
4) GoGregGo: Ricky Romero
5)sjlee: CJ Wilson
6) pjpaulus: Frank Francisco
7) Noah: Travis Snider
8) Acheron: Joel Hanrahan
9) brewjoles: Madison Bumgarner
10) thebrouhaha: Austin Jackson

Remeber what I had said about strikeouts and this league?  Nobody strikes out more than Mark Reynolds.  What he gives a team in power might be completely canceled out by his whiffing.  CJ Wilson is another Rangers starter.  Snider, Bumgarner and Jackson are all good late draft picks, in my opinion.


If you want a complete look at everyone's teams, go ahead and take a look at the league page.

Noah's Traveling All-Stars

The only position where I focused any outside attention on steals was shortstop with Erick Aybar--mostly because if I could get anything out of a shortstop at the point I did I would have been happy.  I like my outfield, where I have a couple guys in Markakis and Sizemore who are past their primes, but who will still give me solid numbers.  Then I have three guys with huge upside in Justin Upton, Mike Stanton and Travis Snider.  The big problem there is those are three guys who will also strike out a lot.  My infield is mediocre.  I had to settle for Aybar and Johnson in the middle, but I like my corners with Longoria and Posey.  And I feel Mauer at catcher will be a huge boon.  The one thing I like about having Posey at first is I won't get screwed over if Mauer gets hurt.  For my MI and CI, I felt like I got good value.  Pedro Alvarez is another huge upside, lots of strikeouts guy and I was pretty excited to get Juan Uribe in one of the final rounds.  My pitching is nothing to scoff at, with Felix, Jered Weaver, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Zack Greinke leading the way.  Throw in three younger upside guys in Dan Hudson, Brian Matusz and Jair Jurrjens, and I'm looking pretty good.  Broxton and Axford are my closers, and I've got Guerrier and Capps for holds.  I love my pitching, and think my offense has potential but I'm sure I'm not the most objective person.

Tomato Tabata

He has a great top three in the outfield with Matt Holliday, Shin-Soo Choo and Andre Ethier.  He also has a great infield with Uggla, Youkilis, Sandoval, Tulowitski and Santana at catcher.  He also has Kendrys Morales on the bench for now, but when he comes off the DL he should fit in nicely at the CI position in place of Cuddyer.  His pitching isn't the strongest with Liriano and Haren a good top two and Volquez a great late round pick, but not anything great after them.  He has some nice closers in Storen, Perez and Street, and Bard will get him some holds.  There aren't any holes on this team, and it should be solid all around.  Strength in numbers perhaps.  It's easy to see why GoGregGo was champion last year, and with his draft he could repeat.

Bourn Identity

I'm not a big fan of this team.  Brwrsfan39 has former fantasy greats Brian Roberts and Jimmy Rollins in their middle infield, with the above average Casey McGehee at third and the excellent Joey Votto at 1B.  Matt Wieters will be solid behind the plate.  Aaron Hill was a great pick for his MI and Ryan Howard will be fine at CI, though his strikeouts will cut deeply into his value.  His outfield is solid enough, though I'm not huge on any of the guys he has.  McCutchen came into his own last year, Werth earned a big contract, and Delmon Young had a breakout season.  I don't think Bourn will be worth as much in this league, and in the tenth round there were plenty of other players who would have been better choices.  SB are worth two points each, but when that's just about all a player provides I don't see him as a great choice.  Jason Bay, like Grady Sizemore, is past his prime but will still have good enough numbers.  Mark Reynolds and Carlos Pena on the bench strike out too much to be worth what they normally would.  His pitching has two great top guys in Doc Halladay and Josh Johnson, then two solid players with Jaime Garcia and Phil Hughes.   After that he has Javy Vasquez and AJ Burnett, with Andrew Bailey and Ryan Franklin.

The MicroBrewers

Another team I don't see as being very good.  I love brewcrewshrew's infield:  Butler and Cano are great, A-Rod should still be well above average, and Jose Reyes could have a strong contract season.   Weeks and Beltre are pretty damn good CI/MIs, too.  With Derek Jeter at utility, he has someone who can back up all of 2B/3B/SS in case of injury, which is great considering those are perhaps the hardest positions outside of catcher to fill with great players.  His outfield is where I start having a problem.  I like one of Juan Pierre, Angel Pagan, Andres Torres, Man-Ram, and Raul Ibanez.  That one is Manny, who I think could have a nice bounceback year with a very good Rays team.  The rest of the five: ick.  They'll give him SB and nothing else.  He has an interesting pitching staff, too.  There are no star pitchers, but plenty of solid starters in Trevor Cahill, Derek Lowe, Carl Pavano, Shaun Marcum, Matt Garza, and Hiroki Kuroda.  Interestingly, the latter three--despite perhaps being the best three starters he has--are all on the bench right now.  I'm not sure if he did that on purpose or if he just hasn't changed it, but he's got Jonny Venters and Jose Contreras at two of his P positions which, great, but you know you get two points per inning pitched right?  More starters might be a decent idea.

Mitch Stetter Moonbounce

What's not to like about brewjoles' pitching?  Lincecum, Carpenter, Price and Hudson are an outstanding top four; and then also having Bumgarner, Brett Myers, Cueto and Happ?  That is pretty outstanding.  Frankie Rodriguez and Mo Rivera will net him frequent points with saves, as well.  To top it all off, he'll have Johan Santana sitting in the DL waiting to come back around the all-star break.  He has a nice lineup, too.  Hanley Ramirez and Ryan Zimmerman are an outstanding left side of the infield, Victor Martinez is handy to have with his eligibility at catcher, Morneau will be great when he's healthy, and you can do worse than Gordon Beckham at 2B.  Adam Laroche and Starlin Castro are a pretty weak CI/MI duo, but you have to make cuts somewhere to have pitching that good.  What I particularly like are his top three outfielders.  Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter, and Alex Rios are all good players who have been overpaid in their careers, but that doesn't matter in fantasy baseball.  I think their bad contracts may hold a psychological advantage though, as perhaps people wouldn't have taken them as early as they should.  Who knows, but I like it.  Rajai Davis, I don't like.  Ryan Raburn is a solid choice for a fifth OF, though I think I would play Rasmus if I were brewjoles.  Coghlan and Borbon are solid upside guys on the bench, too.  Overall, I can dig brewjoles chances this year.

Misery Loves Company

Sjlee better hope for lots of company, because he might see plenty of misery this year.  I love Adrian Gonzalez now that he's on the Red Sox and though I don't personally like Dustin Pedroia (maybe because he missed the entire year after I traded for him last season) he should be great at 2B.  We'll see how Jose Bautista does after his breakthrough season, but at the very least he should have very good production at 3B.  Rafael Furcal is a poor choice at SS.  If I were him, I would put Molina on the bench and have Carlos Ruiz starting.  His outfield is good not great with Granderson and Quentin probably being the top two.  Span and Victorino are okay, but Nick Swisher could be a nice pickup if he replicates his 2009.  All in all, I would say that's a pretty average offense overall.  Now let's talk about that pitching.  He has Roy Oswalt, which is very nice, but it's what comes after him that concerns me.  Sjlee, you picked BOTH of the Rangers top pitchers.  Haven't you been listening?  According to me, they are not going to be anywhere close to as good as they were last year!  They were relievers who had never had FIPs as low as they did last season!  They never pitched that many innings!  They are doomed to fail!  The rest of his starters are uninspiring.  A nice relieving corp with Putz, Wilson, Lyon and McGee (who could win the closer role in Tampa early in the season) is a positive.  I wouldn't be betting on Misery to finish in the top half of the league. 

Miggy and the Bottomofthefifth

OH!  I just got the joke with his team name!  Apparently I am very dense, but once I understood it, I think Dikembe's name is my favorite of the year.  First off, holy first basemen batman!  His namesake, Miguel Cabrera is his starter, Teixeira is his CI, and Paul Konerko is his UTIL.  Then he also has Derrek Lee and Daric Barton on the bench.  And Carlos Lee has 1B eligibility.  That's pretty fantastic depth at the position.  I like his outfield a lot, too.  Nelson Cruz and Jason Heyward are the stars, but Hunter Pence and Chris Young (and Carlos Lee) are all great, too.  Lee is perhaps especially great in this format as his lowish OBP won't hurt him too much, and his ability to just about NEVER strike out will be a huge, huge asset.  The rest of his infield at best aren't anything special.  Andrus, Figgins, Tejada are close to scraping the bottom of the barrel at each position.  Kurt Suzuki is on the second or third tier of catchers.  Dikembe has a real nice rotaton with Sabathia, Hamels, Gallardo, and Wandy Rodriguez leading the way.  His other four starters are good, too, with Anibal Sanchez and Josh Beckett both having potential to be great.  He doesn't have much in the way of relievers, but this isn't 5x5 so it shouldn't hurt him.

Sledgehammering Whippersnappers

If this were a 5x5 league, Acheron might stand a good chance of winning the saves category.  Neftali Feliz, Heath Bell, Matt Thornton, and Joel Hanrahan should close plenty of games.  The starters he has right now should be fine; I love Kershaw and Tommy Hanson, and Max Scherzer and Ted Lilly should be solidly above average, too.  I quite like his outfield, too.  Crawford, Carlos Gonzalez, and Bruce should all be great, though I suppose Morse and Tabata aren't the best 4th/5th outfielders.  His infield is a bit underwhelming to me.  Prado, Walker and Drew will all be good not great, though Prince will be outstanding this year (I hope).  Soto is probably on the second tier of catchers, behind guys like McCann, Mauer and maybe Posey and Carlos Santana.  It's not a bad team, but my advice would be to trade away some of those saves for offense.  Acheron has plenty of relievers and not a ton of hitting.  With Hellickson and Gio Gonzalez on pitching reserves, I would find a way to get them off the bench and get some offense as well.  One IP = 2 points, my friend. 

Vegetarian Donut Diet

Thebrouhaha has Alexei Ramirez on the bench.  And Yuniesky Betancourt starting at SS.  That's not funny one bit and if you insist on making a mockery out of my league, I will not review your team. 

Trickle Down Fantasy

I heart pjpaulus's outfield.  Braun, Hamilton, Kemp, and BJ Upton?  Yes please!  Stubbs isn't bad either.  Brian McCann, Adam Dunn, Ian Kinsler, David Wright, Gaby Sanchez, Adam Jones, and Brian McCann round out an excellent offense.  And even better for him is that when Ian Kinsler eventually makes his yearly trip to the DL, Chase Utley will hopefully be off it by then!  Seriously, though, his offense is a force, even if a bit strikeout prone.  His pitching staff isn't terrible, either, with a very youth oriented starting rotation.  Billingsley and Bucholz are great, Morrow and Kennedy were very good last year, and Wade Davis and Ricky Nolasco should both also be very good.  When Mat Latos comes off the DL, he should be even better.  Nathan and Francisco will be solid saves guys.  I like this team quite a bit, personally.

Projected Standings at the end of the year/WEEK ONE POWER RANKINGS

1. Mitch Stetter Moonbounce
2. Trickle Down Fantasy
3. Noah's Traveling All-Stars
4. Tomato Tabata
5. Miggy and thebottomofthefifth
6. Vegetarian Donut Diet
7. Bourn Identity
8. Sledgehammering Whippersnappers
9. Misery Loves Company
10. The MicroBrewers


Noah's Traveling All-Stars versus Misery Loves Company

It's sjlees very good offense up against my great pitching.  Except that, while my pitching is better, my outfield is better, too.  He may have the better infield but fuck it, I'm easily the better team.  PICK:  All-Stars

Miggy and the Bottomofthefifth versus Trickle Down Fantasy

I really truly love Miggys pitching and first base monopoly.  He also has a well above average outfield.  Trickle Down has an outstanding, outstanding offense with literally the ONLY weak spots being SS and MI.  His pitching is an enigma with all its youth, but I think it will be enough to pull out the victory.  PICK: Trickle Down

Bourn Identity versus The MicroBrewers

Ugh, out #7 and #10 teams in the power rankings.  Looking at them again, I really do not like either team very much at all.  I guess Bourn has the better offense, and the better pitching with Halladay and Johnson, too.  PICK: Bourn Identity

Sledgehammering Whippersnappers versus Vegetarian Donut Diet

Seriously, thebrouhaha, why the hell is Alexei Ramirez on your bench?  If the whippersnappers put Gonzalez and Hellickson in their starting lineup at some point, I'm picking them, otherwise I still unfortunately have to pick the Vegetarians.  PICK:  Vegetarians

And our matchup of the week: Tomato Tabata versus Mitch Stetter Moonbounce

Our reigning BCB fantasy champion goes up against the number one team in the power rankings!  What's not to love about this?  Mystery, romance, intrigue, drama!  I'm a big believer in the Moonbounce this year.  Pick: Moonbounce


In the upcoming weeks, I'll try to write more on each matchup, but for now I hope that the 4500 words that this post is is quite enough for you people.  I copied and pasted that into word, and that came to something like 13 pages, single spaced.  Shit.  I need to get a life.

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