Tuesday's Irish Coffee

Don't worry, kids, I believe Kyle/normalcy returns later this week. I'm Admiral Ackbar, S.J., from Anonymous Eagle and Milwaukee Moms. For some strange reason, I'm known in some corners of the Interwebs as the Godfather. If you hate pop culture related things skip ahead to the "Brewers Related Material" Section.

I know it's Mardi Gras and all, but sweet baby Jesus: have some self respect.

This train tour featuring three fantastic bands looks awesome.

Sometimes I feel like I'm working on one of these computers.

Make your own Kegerator.

Damn right he saved the beer.

Damn the degree, I don't want this guy giving me financial advice.

This is why America hates Hollywood.

REM albums, from worst to best.

Big Head Todd was up early this morning.

You can thank @brewcrewbabe for this terrifying link.

Brewers Related Material:
- The Brewers signed DPL third basemen Estervin Matos for 100K. (h/t klwillis45)
- The Brewers were on TV yesterday afternoon, but I was working, so I can't add more to it than those who did watch it. Based on what I read on Twitter, you can't stop Brandon Boggs, you can only hope to contain him. Based on how many people hate Kotsay, I'm guessing lots of fans will be rooting for Mr. Boggs.
- As for Gallardo: "That's as good as it gets."
- MLB Gameday needs to update Axford's picture.
- TH put his face in front of a video camera and talked Hart's injury, Lucroy's injury and Marcum.
- Want to know which Brewers player once chauffeured Garth Brooks around? Click here.
- Bill Schroeder is entering his 17th season in the booth.
- Bernie's Crew runs projections on Dickerson vs. Gomez.
- Prince didn't play, but he did sweat.
- Scooter is featured in prospect madness.
- Takashi Saito is starting today.
- Mr. Hawkins is getting close to returning.
- The ASU students the Journal Sentinel has writing about Spring Training have a photo gallery of Surprise Recreation Campus.
- A fan looks at the outfield situation.
- Zack Braddock is a fantasy baseball sleeper.

Game Recaps:
BCB's own recap here.
The Bucky Channel.
TH's game recap also opines that the pen is going to be fine.
Bernie's Crew.
AP recap.

Around baseball:
How Wall Street Whiz Kid saved the Rays.
Ugh: Baseball Reveals Women Get Sad, Men Get Angry.
Gregg Zaun retired. Godspeed, Zaunbie.
MLB talked about why umpires are terrible.
MLB is restructuring.
Some guy at HuffPo wrote why he loves baseball.
A review of MLB '11 The Show.

I'm sure I've missed plenty of links. If you got 'em, drop them in the comments.

Random Music Video: Buffalo Tom - Sodajerk. For some reason, I think of baseball when I hear this song.

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