Brewers 5, Pirates 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

When asked if the early blown call gave the team an extra spark:

I don't know if it gave us extra spark or not. I think when those things happen they can get a team going, they can get you fired up. I don't know if there was enough there to really do that much.

On the confrontation between Rickie Weeks and Ronny Cedeno:

I think there was a couple of words said. (He was asked what was said.) You can ask Rickie. I don't think there was much there, really. Talking to him, there wasn't much there.

On Ryan Braun's ankle injury, which didn't appear to bother him tonight:

Yeah, and yesterday he said it felt good too. It's hard for us to get him out of there, and all these guys want to play every day. So they've gotten a couple of doubleheaders, and they just keep going after it.

On Yovani Gallardo not bunting:

I know he's a good hitter. Sometimes I would like them (the pitchers) on the first pitch to have a chance to swing, and the second pitch I actually gave the bunt sign, and they have the option that when somebody crashes on them they can swing. All of our pitchers, I feel pretty good about slashing. And Yo had the first baseman crashing pretty hard and pulled back for a slash.

When asked if the streak against the Pirates gives the Brewers a mental edge:

Oh, it does. It does. I don't know on their part but I think when we have trouble, not just us but any team, when you have trouble with a team in their ballpark for whatever reason...How much of an impact it makes I don't know, but you know. 

When asked if he thinks these last two outings have been big games for Gallardo:

I do. Coming out, stuff wise he wasn't quite sure. Then all of a sudden it seemed like he got better as the game went on. 

When asked about Axford and Estrada:

He (Axford) looked real good, his breaking stuff was outstanding, and Estrada did a great job. He comes in and he throws strikes, he can use all of his off speed stuff, and that fastball gets by guys.

On getting most of the bullpen back-to-back days off:

Yeah, it worked out good. Loe, we talked about before the game whether we should pitch him or not and Rick (Kranitz) said he'd rather give him another day off, so it worked out well.

When asked if there was a team the Angels couldn't beat during his time there:

Boston in Boston. It doesn't wear on you, but there's just something there. Way back when I was with the Dodgers it was San Diego. And I don't know why. I think all those years the Dodgers always had better teams, but the Padres just always beat them. They still are.

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