BCB Premier League: Comin' Atcha

Noah's Traveling All-Stars (Yours Truly)
Vegetarian Donut Diet (thebrouhaha)
Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (brewjoles)
Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (acheron)
Trickle Down Fantasy (pjpaulus)
Misery Loves Company (sjlee)
Tomato Tabata (GoGregGo)
Miggy and the bottomofthe5th (Dikembe Meiztombo)
The Microbrewers (brewcrewshrew)
Bourn Identity (brwrsfan39)

So we are officially halfway through the season.  Ten weeks down, ten to go.  I'm done playing--time to kick all of your asses.

I had an idea for a fun thing to do this week, and that was to compare all of your teams to MLB teams.  Then Mr. Leam asked HIS league to do that.  So now everyone will think it was HIS idea.  Damn it.  I'm still going to run with it though.

Look Back:

Noah's Traveling All-Stars (376.1) beat Miggy and the bottomofthe5th (332)

Clearly, I am the Boston Red Sox.  Sure, I came into the season as one of the obvious favorites to win a championship but then I lost.  And lost again.  And again. And fucking again.  Six times, in fact.  Six god damn times in a row.  I was 0-6.  But then, a light!  I won, and won, and won again, and finally, I kicked Dikembe's butt so badly that he has to resort to complaining via sig.  After an 0-6 start, I've won four in a row and am moving forward on my path of destruction.  Dikembe has a very good offense and above average pitching.  He's the Cardinals.  Shun him.

Tomato Tabata (416.3) beat Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (263.5)

Moonbounce is like the Twins.  They have some nice pieces, but between slumping players (Rasmus and Hanley and Dunn and Morneau for MSM), mediocre pitching, and injuries (Ryan Zimmerman for MSM, Joe Mauer for the Twins) it's no wonder they are both near the bottoms of the standings.  TT is the Reds.  They both have very good, if underrated, offenses but, what, maybe two good starting pitchers?  Both are also hovering around .500.

Misery Loves Company (440.7) beat Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (357.5)

Misery has been the most dominating team in the league.  It would be easy to compare him to the Phillies, but his pitching isn't that good.  He does have a lot of hitting, though.  He would seem to match up with the Red Sox pretty well, but I've already put them with another team.  So, I'll go to the next team like that, the Yankees.  The Whippersnappers have an outstanding outfield (Stanton, the good CarGo, Bruce, Tabata, Torres) and some good young pitching.  Methinks they match up with the Dodgers decently enough.

The Microbrewers (405.3) beat Bourn Identity (274.7)

If you'll remember, I had the Microbrewers dead last in the original power rankings.  Now, they're 8-2 and near the top (though they've lost two of their last three).  Due to that, it's pretty easy to match them up with the Diamondbacks.  I'm kind of surprised Bourn Identity only has three wins after looking at his team.  I would say he has above average offense and pitching.  I'd say he's pretty similar to Toronto, a losing record but if they could catch better breaks (like not playing in the AL East for the Blue Jays) they'd be smelling a lot better.

Trickle Down Fantasy (380.1) beat Vegetarian Donut Diet (360.9)

Trickle Down is another team that started the year slowly but has been really hot as of late.  A slow start lately, a recent hot streak, a big hitting first baseman (Gaby Sanchez), Ryan Braun in the OF, and pretty good pitching?  Congrats pjpaulus, I name you the most similar to the Brewers, I guess.  Veggie Diet has a speedy outfield, half of a good outfield, and some pretty good pitching.  I like the White Sox here.

Updated power rankings:

1. Misery Loves Company (9-1, even)
2. The Microbrewers (8-2, up two)
3. Noah's Traveling All-Stars (4-6, up two)
4. Sledgehammering Whippersnappers (6-4, down one)
5. Miggy and the bottomofthe5th (6-4, down three)
6. Tomato Tabata (5-5, even)
7. Trickle Down Fantasy (4-6, up one)
8. Vegetarian Donut Diet (3-7, up one)
9. Bourn Identity (3-7, down two)
10. Mitch Stetter Moonbounce (2-8, even)

This week's matchups:

Noahs Traveling All-Stars versus Bourn Identity

Sledgehammering Whippersnappers versus Tomato Tabata

Miggy and the bottomofthe5th versus Vegetarian Donut Diet

The Microbrewers versus Mitch Stetter Moonbounce

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: Misery Loves Company versus Trickle Down Fantasy:
Trickle Down has been one of the hotter teams in the league recently, but Misery has been hot all year and has been at the top of the power rankings the past few weeks.  A win here could give Trickle a huge jump in next weeks power rankings. 

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