Trade Prince Fielder (I'm serious)

Before I get tarred and feathered hear me out. Would you take this deal.

Brewers give up Prince Fielder, Casey McGehee

They get... a .338 hitter (although with 9 errors), and a AAA player who is hitting .329 with 3 homers in 25 games with 1 error, a AA right hand pitcher with a 3.35 era, and a 1.36 whip in 8 starts (in AA he started the year in high A). Who are they? Jose ReyesZach Lutz, and Jeurys Familia

The Brewers biggest issue right now is the left side of the infield with Betancourt, and McGehee. Even if McGehee turns it around he is a 28 year old average hitter, and a bad defender. Also Prince Fielder is about as valuable as he ever will be.Before I go on any farther I need to get this out of the Brewer fans listen to me THE BREWERS CAN'T SIGN FIELDER WITHOUT JETTISONING THEIR FUTURE. Now that we are clear, now is the time to trade.

Jose Reyes is a beast. And it would be a major upgrade from Betancourt to Reyes. Even with the cost of Fielder to Gamel. Plus he can be signed for around $15 million a year which is in the Brewers price range (unlike the $20-25 million for Fielder)

Also if they package McGehee, and get prospects even if neither Fielder or Reyes get  signed it's still a decent deal for both teams.

Now to the prospects, here is a quote frrom on Familia "There's little question about the 2010 Futures Gamer's pure stuff. He has one of the best power arms in the system and struck out 10.2 per nine innings last year. He can crank it up into the upper-90s, but he's still largely working off arm strength. He's also just 21, so he has time to work on his command and secondary pitches as he repeats in St. Lucie in 2011."

And from Minor League Ball "Still like the arm, could bloom if control sharpens up again. He's actually a sleeper again."

The Brewers could use any prospects they can get I chose Familia because he isn't a real high up prospect with the Mets, but he's not far from contributing, and he has some upside.

And now to Lutz, here is a quote from Minor League Ball, "Lots of power, other skills marginal."

Lutz has taken off this year and is hitting .329 in AAA. Plus he is a 3B. He could be ready to contribute next year, he would be an excellent contribution to the Brewers Minor League system.

Lets look at this year's brewers lineup with the trades completed.

1. Jose Reyes-SS

2. Nyjer Morgan-CF

3. Ricke Weeks-2B

4. Ryan Braun-LF

5. Corey Hart-RF

6. Jonathon Lucroy (Please RR move him up)

7. Mat Gamel-1B (Don't prove me wrong)

8. Taylor Green-3B (hitting .309 with 11 HR's in AAA)

9. Pitcher

So what do you think? I know this is a touchy issue, but these situations need to be discussed

Brew Crew Ballin 4evr


Thanks to bleedbluegold03 for the inspiration read "Questions regarding the offseason" great fanpost

Also Minor League Ball, all the quotes are from "New York Mets Top 20 Prospects for 2011"

Finally New York Mets top 10 prospects written by Jonathon Mayo (that's where I got the other quote from)

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