Brewers Blurb 6/27 Roenicke and Narveson

            Before I get started I want to make this clear. I do not make opinions on the manager until at least the first all-star game of his managerial career, usually until after the first season, but that doesn’t prevent me from making observations.


            Today’s Blurb is that Roenicke is learning from his mistakes.


            Now I know that with some Roenicke isn’t popular (Kotsay over Lucroy anyone? Oh my bad too soon), but it needs to be stated that Roenicke is learning from his mistakes. Yesterday Roenicke took out Narveson before he completely unraveled and as a result only one run was given up in that inning lets look at some other examples.


June 20th vs. Tampa Bay


First 6 IP                                  6 IP      1 ER     3 Hits   2 BB

7th Inning                                  .2 IP     3 ER     2 Hits   1 BB

Replaced by Tim Dillard          .1 IP     1 ER     2 Hits   0 BB


June 15th vs. Cubs


First 4 IP                                  4 IP      1 ER     4 Hits   0 BB

5th Inning                                 1 IP      3 ER     1 Hit    3 BB

(Narveson pitched a perfect .2 IP in 6th before being replaced by Tim Dillard)


June 5th vs. Marlins


First 5 IP                                  5 IP      0 ER     2 Hits   3 BB

6th Inning                                  .1 IP     4 ER     2 Hits   2 BB

Replaced by Marco Estrada    1.2 IP   1 ER     1 Hits   1 BB


            If you look at these starts by Narveson he completely collapses in one inning. Also he has been replaced by pitchers without much big league experience which gives up more runs. For example Marco Estrada gave up a 3 run home run versus the Marlins and Tim Dillard gave up some hits with RISP. Now lets look at today’s start for Narveson.


June 26th vs. Twins


First 6 IP                                  6 IP      1 ER     3 Hits   1 BB

7th Inning                                 .2 IP     1 ER     2 Hits   1 BB

Replaced by LT Hawkins         .1 IP     0 ER     1 Hits   0 BB


            Narveson was crusing along great, but he hit some trouble in the 7th. This time after giving up one run he was pulled. Plus he was pulled for LaTroy Hawkins who has been around forever. Hawkins is a pitcher who can stop the bleeding and he did.


            Going forward if Roenicke keeps Narveson on a short leash, and has a pitcher like Hawkins, or Saito when he returns to minimize the damage the Brewers can maximize the 5th starter position and be a stronger team going forward.


Minor League Stars of the Day


Pitcher: Amaury Rivas (AAA, SP): Rivas spread out 8 hits over 6 innings while giving up 2 runs. He struck out 6. (Relivers for that game Mike McClendon, Takashi Saito, Zach Braddock)


Honorable Mention: Tyler Thornburg


Position player: Sean Halton (AA, 1B): With a Sacrifice fly in the 4th, a ground-rule double in the 6th , and a sacrifice fly in the 10th (1 of 4 Huntsville runs in the 10th) (He eventually came around to score. But his reason for stardom today, came in the 9th Inning. With the Carolina closer up and a runner on 2nd with no outs, Halton came through with a single to deep left field to score Schafer from 2nd (Halton was gunned down on 2nd base)


What do you think of the Blurb? Feedback is appreciated I’m gonna try to do one as often as I can

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